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Listed Down Some 4 Best Cell Phone Games for 3 Years Old.

by Nitin Sinha
Cell Phone Games for 3 Years Old

As the world gets more technology-driven, it’s becoming significantly important to get children involved in tech. One way through which this can be done is through cell phone games. Mobile phone 3d games are extremely effective vehicles for getting children involved with tech because they are extremely engaging. The best age for parent’s to introduce their children to gaming is 3 years. Thus this article will highlight the 4 best Cell phone games for 3-year-olds.


The Wheels on the Bus

With both an android and an Apple version, this is a free, highly interactive, fun and educational cell phone game for 3 year-olds. The game provides several activities that are meant to entertain and educate the child at the same time. The game has fun sing-along’s that your child is bound to love, cool coloring activities that spark your child’s imagination and interactive counting activities designed to challenge your child’s mind.


This is another highly interactive game that is meant to teach children between the ages of 3 and 6 years the importance of support through friendship. The game has several interactive activities that are aimed at encouraging the child to form friendships with his/her peers. The game is free and available in both Apple and Android versions.

Toddler Kids Puzzles PUZZINGO

Filled with animations and fun activities, Puzzingo puzzles is designed to train children to develop their vocabulary, spatial recognition, tactile, fine-motor skills, and matching capabilities. The game has visual and audio cues which are meant to make the activities more engaging for the child. It is free and available in both android and Apple mobile phones.

AlphaTots Alphabet

AlphaTots Alphabet is a mobile phone 3d game that is designed to teach 3-year-olds the alphabet in an exciting and fun manner. The game has a number of activities that help the child to learn and recite the alphabet very quickly.

From the list, it is evident that mobile phone games can significantly help in child development. Therefore as a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is given a head start early on in life.




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