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Problems In Your Air Conditioner- Fix It Like A Pro

by Abhimanyu Sharma
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In the era of global warming one gadget that is inevitable and inseparable from the lives of people is the air conditioner. Due to the increase in temperature in the cities and cities turning into heat islands AC in the most important gadget. When warm weather hits and the heat is on, the last thing you want is for your air conditioning to be off. However even after buying a good branded AC with a big price tag we all often face many troubles in the proper functioning of our AC. These troubles though very tiny in nature but can cause a lot of discomfort in high heat areas.

However, it is very interesting to know that these small troubles caused by your AC are very easy to solve and if you know some basic hacks, then you can enjoy the comfort of AC without any problem and save a lot of money which you may spend in the payment of agents from the repairing company.

In this article we have provided some most common air conditioner problems and their probable solutions.

Here are some tips to fix AC problems like a pro.


The most common and simple to solve the problem is AC not turning on after clicking the switches. If you also face such a problem then there are a few reasons for this problem. The first reason is blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker which could happen due to fluctuations in the current supply or this could be the result of broken or loose wiring or thermostat problems. You can fix this just by fixing the fuse circuit.

If the problem, is not due to is blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker then just check the voltage of your home, AC does not function properly in low voltage supply. To fix this problem you can increase the voltage supply by a current stabilizer which is easily available in the market. You can also call an electrician to check for proper connections in your electricity supply mainline. The improper connection from the mainline can cause current fluctuations.

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After turning on many a time a situation occurs when AC does not blow out air at all. This problem is caused if the fan on the outdoor unit may not be running properly. This could also be caused if the filter unit inside the AC is blocked by dust sucked in. This is very simple trouble to shoot. Just press two switches near the blades of your AC and take out the filtering unit. If the filtering unit is clogged with dust then just wash it out to clean it and fix it back. This easy trick can solve your problem.

However, you may have to take special care in the handling of filtering units while washing them. Because if they get damaged then your pocket may have to suffer.


This is the most common problem faced by the users of ar conditioners. The cooling is reduced or many time there is no cooling at all. This problem could occur due to a dirty air filter, low refrigerant level, or a blocked condensate drain. If the problem is due to dirty then you can fix by the method provided above. If the cooling problem is due to lack of refrigerant this means that it was undercharged, or, you may have a leak. Check for any leaks before adding more refrigerant, as problems with leaks will persist, and they can be harmful to the environment then you may have to call the agent from the company to refill the refrigerant. The lower cooling problem could also occur due to excessive temperature in your area.

Normally most air conditioner can only cool to about 20 degrees lower than outside air temperatures. A very simple way that can work in this case is that just install your outdoor unit of AC in a shady place which does not have to face excessive sunlight the whole day. This hack can increase cooling of your AC.


Leaking ducts which could be damaged due to outdoor environment or excessive dust is the main cause for the improper functioning of your air conditioner. This problem is faced by the homes which have centralised airconditioning unit with duct supply of air in the rooms. If some rooms are chilled and others are warm then it is due to dirty or chocked supply ducts. This could be a serious problem if the ducts are fitted inside the walls. You may have to call the duct cleaning services to solve this problem.


AC can help you to remove the excess moisture from your room in those heat and moist days. AC does this by removing moisture from your room through a drain line into a pan and then is funnelled into a drain. However many times we encounter problems like water is blown along with the cool air or the AC is not able to remove the moisture from the room.

This problem is caused when pipes start leaking or get blocked, or the condensate pump may stop working. If the drain is clogged and the pan overflows, the water will back up and damage your system. To fix this problem just try to clean your condensation drain pipe, clean the pump system of algae with a bleach solution. Then check the electrical connection to the condensate pump, replace the pump. After that, check your condensation drain pipe for leaks.

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Many times we may have to hear too much noise from the AC fan and this noise can be very irritating and a cause a problem in your sleep. There could be many possible;e reason for more noise from the AC.

A prevalent source of noise is the fan motors. Which could be plagued by dirt and debris, another source is damaged belt or belt may be improperly aligned or need replacing, apart from this another cause could be deteriorating bearings. Pinging or popping may be a loose flap of metal in the ductwork, and rattling noises may indicate that you need to tighten cover panels. If this hack does not work the call a professional from the repairing company.


A bit if smell coming from AC due to gas is normal but if you notice unusually bad smell then this can cause problems. The bad electrical smell could due to overheating of the unit. If AC works for too long with full capacity then some of its parts such as a blower motor or seized bearings may get overheated and can cause a bad smell.

Another possible reason for bad odour is a loose electric connection which may cause sparking resulting in bad electrical smell. If the supply ducts are clogged by dust and dust then also it causes bad smell. So to solve this problem all you need to do is turn off AC when not in use, clean the ducts and remove the dust and just make sure that all the electric connections are properly fitted.


Problems In Your Air Conditioner

Freezing of evaporator coil is a major reason for improper cooling effect by AC. A frozen coil means your air conditioner is working overtime while your room stays hot. Evaporator coil contains a refrigerant that absorbs heat. When airflow is diminished, a layer of ice can form on the evaporator coil, the restricted airflow could be the result of dirty air filters, low refrigerant or obstructed return air in your ductwork.

To troubleshoot this problem you need to check for airflow problems in dirty air filters, or obstructions in return air ductwork, also check your refrigerant level, as well as your blower fan. Which may be malfunctioning. If the problem is not solved then you may need an expert to.


The condenser is an important part to remove the heat from the room and discharge it through the outdoor exhaust unit. If the condenser does not function properly then it won’t be able to receive the cooling control signal from the thermostat. Being a part of the outdoor unit condenser is exposed to dirt, soot and assorted pollutants that make it malfunction.

To fix this condenser problem check for refrigerant pressure, because if the refrigerant is leaking the AC may trigger the low-pressure safety measures automatically and it will reduce the cooling. You can also avoid this problem by instaling your outdoor unit of AC in a shady place which does not have to face excessive sunlight the whole day and which may not get dust and dirt in excess. This hack can increase cooling of your AC.


Thermostat enables you to maintain your desired level of cooling in the room according to your comfort. If the thermostat unit is not functioning properly then you may not be able to enjoy proper chilling effects of your air conditioner.

Typically, in this situation, your thermostat isn’t properly calibrated. But even after being recalibrated, thermostats can lose their calibration again. You can fix this trouble by replacing your older style thermostat with a digital thermostat that is accurate and doesn’t lose calibration. If the problem persists then you may have to call your HVAC repair technician.

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