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You Can Message Yourself On WhatsApp To Send Important Notes, List, Docs Etc; Here’s How

by Shatakshi Gupta

Nowadays, we have loads of crucial information and documents on our phones. Many of these items we receive through WhatsApp. In many instances, we need to access some important messages, files from anyone’s chat, but in the long chat history, it becomes quite tiresome to search for that particular item. In that case, we often send such chats or files to any member of our household or any of our friends to save important messages, chats, photos or any document. But now you don’t need any third person for this task. You can save your important documents by yourself without disturbing others. You can now send these files to yourself on WhatsApp. In other words, you can now chat with yourself on WhatsApp.

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Here’s how you can do this

There are two methods that you can adopt for chatting with yourself.

  • The first is that you have to go to the browser. On the browser’s URL bar, type wa.me// in the address bar. Following that, enter your country code and type your mobile number. It will look like wa.me//+91xxxxxxxxxx. Now search and hit enter.  After this, download or WhatsApp web will be found written in the browser. After clicking on WhatsApp, you will get your own chat on the screen. Now, you can simply send anything to yourself.After closing this browser, you will find the same chat in your App too.
  • Another way to send a message to yourself in WhatsApp is to create a group with any other contact and then remove thatcontact from the group. After this, only you will be left in that group. You can use this group only for yourself.

Moreover,in both cases,if your chat is going down frequently, then you can pin your chat to keep it on top. This will make your chat appear at the top.

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Utility :

  • You can send yourself a shopping list and later delete that list after completing shopping. In this way, you don’t need to download any extra app for list keeping.
  • You can always send important photos, videos, messages to yourself for quick access to those.
  • After copying important messages and files from other chats, you can delete the unwanted chats from your App.
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