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Mobile phone battery life

by Mahima Bhatnagar
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Battery life

With so many mobile phone brands in the market, it could be hard to figure out which one to choose or to go for. However the first thing that you may want to ask the sales personnel is about the mobile phone battery life. Granted that you can purchase mobile phones starting from 1000 rs onwards and all the way to 1 lakh and more; and naturally, you can expect that the mobile phone battery life would last you for longer periods, with some of the top end premium brands. So before purchasing a budget mobile phone, you need to shop around and compare various brands in the same budget range and
work out as to which one comes with a better battery life

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How long would the battery last for?

When it comes to a mobile phone battery life, then you should know that the budget phones and especially the low end, cheap phones come with a battery that hardly lasts for more than a few hours. In other words, you would have to recharge your mobile phone every 24 hrs and this can be a drag. For example, when you opt for a Samsung S model, you will find that the battery lasts for three days and more. And with the more premium mobile phones, the battery life would be longer. But it should be pointed out that when it comes to recharging, smart phones come with additional options for recharging and what’s more, you can get them recharged faster as well.

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How to recharge?

If you are looking to recharge your mobile phone and it happens to be a budget phone, then you can just connect the charger to the phone and plug the other end in. It may take a while to get charged and while you can use the same format to recharge your premium end phones, they usually come with other options that would enable you to quick charge them. So before purchasing your mobile phone, you would definitely have to check out the battery life and then decide which model best suits your needs.

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