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Mobile Phones: The Pros and Cons to your daily necessity

by Naina Chauhan
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A mobile phone is a portable device which helps you connect with the outside world in a
much faster pace and provides you with great features in a single device lie calculator,
compass, alarm, reminder and many more; hence the name 'Smartphone' was given to the
device. Apart from calls, text messages and video calls, you can also have access to make
presentations your smartphone along with other editing apps and you don't have to worry
about the storage space as the smartphone is connected to cloud storage and will
automatically save all of your data, even the phone back up. Here are a few mobile phone
advantages and disadvantages which might be affecting your life without even realizing:


You have access to each and every feature available in the world as a variety of apps for
smartphones are created according to the need in the market. Alarm, reminder, stopwatch,
world clock, calculator, compass, calendar, and many other features are available as a default
feature in a phone. Whereas, with the specially built app you have access to all the other
feature which are not built in the phone, like photo editor, PPT preparation, video editor and
more. It is a smaller and easier version of a laptop which can fit anywhere and can be carried
everywhere along with us. The social networking apps help in connecting us with the world
and we will have updates of what is happening halfway across the world and participate in it.
Apart from entertainment and business purpose, the apps and other features also help with
children's education. These apps help in testing the kids general knowledge and also help in
increasing IQ every day.


Since people are spending most of their time on the phone rather than spending their time
talking to their family members relatives or friends; it has taken up our valuable time and has
turned us addicted towards smartphones. People these days cannot spend a day without
smartphones as their daily entertainment, work and other information are passed on via
texting apps and networks. There are studies conducted how the radiation or the waves from
phones can cause internal issues in our body if we sleep with the phone next to us. Similarly,
phones are also traceable which can cause a breach of trade secrets and other issues, which
might lead to huge losses in the market.
No matter how many advantages a smartphone has, it has an equal number of disadvantages.
One should choose a mobile phone wisely, not only based on the brand on the phone but also
based on the security provided to the customers by the brand.

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