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Mobile Phone Emi Without Credit Card

by Naina Chauhan

If you are looking to purchase a mobile, then this is just about the best time for the same. Just search
online for ‘mobile phone emi without credit card’, and you should see more than a few vendors offering
to do just that. Thanks to the fact that mobile phones have become quite popular and are seeing more
traction in the market these days, some of the banks as well as financial organizations have started
offering loans at low interest for the purpose of purchasing your new mobile phone. You would
essentially be going in for a mobile phone emi without credit card. While initially banks as well as
financial organizations insisted on the consumer having a valid credit card, they have long since dropped
that requirement.

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What does this mean for you?

Essentially, a mobile phone emi without credit card means exactly that – you do not need to possess a
valid credit card in order to purchase a mobile phone. The only requirements that you would be
required to meet is that you have a valid bank account along with a debit card and that you are in good
standing with your bank. And of course, you would be required to provide correct credentials such as
your current address and more, in order t avail the emi facility.

What you need to know

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When it comes to emi or easy monthly installments, you would be required to pay a small sum which
may be part of the capital and the interest each month at a specific date. And each bank/ financial
organization levy their own interest rate so you may want to shop around and figure out who is offering
EMI at the lowest interest rate and opt for the same. It would be advisable to read through the entire
agreement in detail before you sign on the dotted line. And when it comes to purchasing the mobile
phone, make sure that you pick out the model you want with the right amount of functionality built into
it. And more importantly, always make sure that you pay your EMI on time and keep records of the

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