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Mobile Phone Etiquette

by Naina Chauhan
mobile etiquette

Given the fact that mobile phones are increasing their penetration into the Indian market with more and
more consumers using mobile phones than before, it may be a good time for you to review some of the
mobile phone etiquette. Yes, there happens to be certain rules of good etiquette that governs how you
use your mobile phone and you may want to review the same as well. For starters, when you are at
lunch with a friend or a close family member, common manners and courtesy indicates that you either
turn off your mobile phone or put it in the silent mode. It is vital that you maintain good mobile phone
etiquette at all times.

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Rule 2

When it comes to mobile phone etiquette, you should know that it is never a good idea to use your
mobile phone camera to shoot random pictures or videos of strangers. You need to obtain their
permission first and granted that may always not be possible when you are at a public place and they
are part of the landscape. However, when you make them the main subject of your pictures or video
you need to obtain their permission before you shoot a few.

Rule 3

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If you are in a meeting with a friend/ relative or colleague, it is never a good idea to pick up and attend a
call. If you have to take the call, the very least that you can do is to make your excuses and leave the
table; this should at least make them aware that you have an important call that you need to take right
away and that you are not ignoring their presence. Taking up a call and talking to someone else, while
ignoring the person sitting in front of you makes for bad phone etiquette. Incidentally, you may also
want to set your phone ringing tone to something less controversial and not one that invites adverse
comment. What may sound funny to you may mean something else to others, And that’s another thing
that you need to take care of, when it comes to practicing good mobile phone etiquette.

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