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Mobile Phones accessories list you must know about

by Naina Chauhan
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Mobile Phones accessories

Different types of mobile phones need a variety of accessories to complement smartphones
and to make your daily chores easier than ever. These accessories are a must have as they
help in either extending the life of the smartphone or helps in turning the smartphone into a
multi functional mobile phone which helps you navigate through your daily lifestyle. Below
are a few of the must-have mobile accessories list you might be interested in:

Charging USB cable:

There are various types of charging USB cable, each mobile phone brand uses a different
type of charging port hence the charging Cable will vary. There are Fast charging cables
which help in charging the mobile phone faster than other mobile phone chargers, then there
is Apple charger, C-Type charger, Universal charging cable and more available in the market.
Purchasing the right wall mount charger also matters a lot as some of the USB cables don't
support the wall mount charger and might lead to some serious effect on the mobile phone or
in the charging socket.

Screen Protector:

The most important accessory for any type or grade of smartphones. Earlier when the sleek
screen smartphones were introduced, the major problem was that the screen would get
damaged easily, silicon and plastic stickers as screen guards were introduced before
Tempered glass was introduced in the market. Tempered glass is thick and strong in nature
when compared with silicon and plastic screen guard; it helps in protecting the mobile phone
screen from getting a direct hit.

Mobile Phone Cover:

It is the second most important accessory for a smartphone after a tempered glass. A mobile
phone cover helps in protecting the phone's edges from getting damage and limits the
occurrence of any type of serious damage to the phone. There are various types of covers
available for a smartphone, for example, a 360 Degree cover helps in protecting each and
every corner of the smartphone. A Flip cover helps in creating a thick layer around the phone
and some of the flip covers have a section to carry money and card, which converts the phone
case into a wallet.

Phone Holder:

It is very handy when it comes to navigating the pathway while driving or during a bike ride.
It also helps in keeping the phone still while you are working in the office or at home and
there are phone holders, also known as selfie sticks, which help in keeping the phone still
while you are taking a picture with a scenic view in the background.
These are the most important accessories which you will need throughout your lifetime;
accessories like phone holder will help you reach your destination faster as handling the

phone while driving can lead to accidents. Similarly, other accessories will make you feel at
peace as you are able to handle the device in a better manner.

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