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New technology 2018 : AI Permeation, Digital Centralisation, 5G & Data Overload

by Tech Desk
New Technology 2018

As the name suggests here in this article we would discussing about New Technology 2018.

Below we are showing you some latest tech’s that will prevail in 2018.

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) Permeation

Mostly called a machine learning algorithm, it is getting better day by day. It is being incorporated in more and more devices like Alexa. Instead of just mastering one ability and human interaction, it has started to appear in almost every daily use home and office device all across the world. And the trend shows no mood to slow down in 2018 either.

  • Digital Centralisation

Since last decade, a lot of devices came out in the market like smartphones, Tablets, Smart TV’s and other smart appliances. Our daily life is a lot dependent on individual apps from navigation, to banking and temperature control of our house. More and more consumers globally, want to control almost every aspect of their home and office life with their smartphones i.e. in a centralised manner. Late 2018’s has something more to offer still.

  • 5G Preparation

Successfully tested in South Korea this year, it may well be in place i.e. a 5G network by the end of 2019. With a potential to deliver 10 times more speed than its predecessor 4G, it has a potential to revolutionize how consumers use internet and how developers think about apps and streaming content. 2018 is a year that has a lot of work to do for engineers, developers, and consumers so as to make 2019 a 5G year.

  • Data Overload

Consumer data has proven its awesome power and its criticality for commercial use to businesses around the world. Data collection has taken priority in their IT deptts. Consumers use smart speakers to perform their daily tasks and companies use this personal data to market their products.

It also has many implications like reduced privacy, more unwanted personalised ads and on positive side far more better predictive algorithms in the field of healthcare.


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