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Omicron alert! You must have these gadgets and apps with you during the upcoming 3rd wave

by Shatakshi Gupta

The sudden surge in corona cases is pointing towards the impending third wave of the coronavirus. Cases are multiplying at an alarming rate attributed to the new avatar of coronavirus named omicron. The pace of infection during this time is 262 times faster than the previous wave. In such a situation, everyone needs to be alert to avoid falling in the grip of this epidemic once again. The sheer ignorance and oblivion of people during the second wave caused irreparable damage to the world. Learning lessons from the past, it becomes imperative to fasten our belts to fight this wave.

As we are hearing in the news that this variant is taming the vaccine effect. In such a situation, early preparation and prevention is the only way to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this deadly virus. To aid you in this, we are providing a list of gadgets and apps that will make you COVID ready.

Pulse oximeter:

The pulse oximeter is also part of those essential gadgets whose demand has increased due to the COVID pandemic. During the second wave, many cases of silent hypoxia came to the fore. It, therefore, becomes essential to monitor our blood oxygen level regularly during the mass spread of the virus. Although many smartwatches and bands these days measure SpO2 levels, such readings often are not accurate. To avoid such inaccuracy, you must buy a good Pulse oximeter.

Ultraviolet (UV) sterilizer:

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The UV sterilizer is one of the most essential must-have gadgets at our places during this contagious pandemic. The UV sterilizer helps to sterilize or kill the virus spread in the air of the house. In prevention, people often sanitize their mobile phones and other delicate items, but alcohol-based sanitiser damage our belongings. A UV steriliser box comes in handy for sanitizing smartphones, goggles, earbuds, earphones, notebooks, bills etc.

Portable oxygen cylinder:

The country has seen an acute oxygen crisis during the previous COVID wave. To avoid such chaos, it is always better to be prepared in advance. Portable oxygen canisters are available in the market that you can buy for any contingency. This small canister of oxygen can provide sufficient buffer time to arrange other provisions.  

Digital sphygmomanometer:

COVID patients also experience the problem of blood pressure fluctuation. In such a situation, it is also necessary to have a BP monitoring machine at home. Electronic sphygmomanometers are now available in the market, which automatically measures BP. 

Aarogya Setu:

Aarogya Setu is indeed the most important app that you should have on your phone. Developed by the government of India, the app uses contact tracing to record details of all the people you may have come in contact with, as you go about your normal activities. If any one of them, at a later point in time, tests positive for COVID-19, you are immediately informed and proactive medical intervention is arranged for you. The app simply works like a radar system and give you an idea of people detected with disease in your proximity.

Google fit App:

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Designed by Google, this app is a perfect workout-tracking assistant. You can easily keep an eye on your speed, walking, running, and other activities. When synced with a fitness tracker app can provide you with additional details like calories burned.


Primarily a fitness tracking app, HealthifyMe is much more than that. The app facilitates workout monitoring, weight loss tracking, water drinking reminder, diet management, sleep tracking, and handwash reminder. Moreover, the app provides a wide range of exercise and yoga tutorial videos.

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