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Oppo showcased its first under screen selfie camera phone prototype

by Naina Chauhan
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Chinese based company Guangdong Oppo provided the best camera phone so far. Now this company showcased its first working under screen selfie camera (USC) phone prototype in MWC Shanghai trade show on 26 June 2019. This phone based on the under screen camera phone technology is probably the world’s first phone is showcased by Oppo but speculation is that Xiaomi is also working on this USC technology.

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This underscreen camera phone technology offers full screen experience without any notch or hole on the display screen. In simple terms process of this technology can be described as that the placing of camera module along with its sensor and lenses under the display screen. To make this technology successful Oppo introduced customizable display panel and camera module.

The customization camera module consist large aperture size and large sized sensor in comparison to other smartphones. The customization display panel is designed in such a way so that it can redesign the pixel structure and it will improve the optical transmittance of light.

Placing a thin display panel on the camera module results in compromised image. It can reduce the resolution and quality of picture. These kinds of difficulties are also acknowledged by the Oppo Company. To overcome these problems Oppo also introduced three algorithms which are white balance one algorithm, HDR algorithm and Haze algorithm. Oppo claimed that these algorithms will improve the picture quality without compromising the display performance.

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Haze algorithm will be used to improve the sharpness of image and it will also help in the processing of image by camera through display panel.

White balance one algorithm will be used for the calibration and adjustment of the color of image against any bright light.

HDR algorithm will be used to reduce to the overexposed highlight in bright light and increase the required brightness of image in dim light.

The other technological terms and launch date of this phone is not revealed yet.

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