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POWER BEATS PRO REVIEW: The New True Wireless Champ

by Majesty Dammy
Power beats Pro


The power beats pro is a wireless earphone like the wireless Airpod is. It has up to 9 hours listening time and they have a better sound and battery life than the AirPods and it also stays on your ear securely because of the ear hook.

The power beats pro has a clearer sound system, i.e. it sounds well.  According to my research, beats (the producer of power beats pro and other power beats models) said that the power beats pro is 23% smaller than the power beats 3 wireless and it is 17% lighter than the power beats 3.

The power beats pro are not proven to be waterproof, but I found out that it can only withstand a little splash, but it cannot be submerged inside water.


The power beats pro has a fast pairing system, it pairs faster to the device you want to pair it with through the use of Bluetooth which is wireless connectivity. It has Siri voice recognition for those who use Apple devices like iPads and iPhone models, but it does not work on the android devices because the android devices do not have Siri voice recognition, but the android user also has an advantage which are the physical buttons which are used to control the music playback.

The power beats pro also has good phone call quality, that is, the quality of the phone calls according to my research is superb. It uses a lightning cable for charging because it does not offer wireless charging. The power beats pro are available in 4 colours which are: Black, ivory, moss and navy.

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Power beats Pro

The defects of the power beat pro are not something to be worried about, I wouldn’t have made mention of it, but just so you know what you want to purchase. The defects that I found out according to my research are listed as follows:

  1. The price
  2. The charging
  3. The ear hook

THE PRICE: The power beats pro is more expensive compared to the AirPods and it is also superior to the AirPods in some ways (very few ways though). The power beats pro is sold on Amazon for $169.99, on Walmart for $159.95 and on Sam’s club for $249.95, moreover, these prices are not stable, that is, the prices might change. The price is on the high side, so I feel people might be reluctant to purchase it, but looking at the bright side and the good part of it, it might be best to overlook the price.

THE CHARGING: The charging case is a very prominent one, that is, it is very obvious and a little bit big, although it is not heavy. It is not pocket friendly, so this makes the power beats pro charging case leaves a bulge in your pocket when you keep it inside your pocket. So it is not really advisable and convenient to keep it in the pocket so as to avoid the bulge. The charging case does not offer wireless charging experience, but the new AirPods does, so it charges using a lightning cable. The charging case has a charging port in which the lightning cable can be plugged in.

THE EAR HOOK: The earlier power beats 3 wireless has a wire connecting the left and right earbud which makes it just one, but the power beats pro does not have the connecting wire, so this makes it stand individually and makes it more comfortable. Although it may not fit all ears properly because of the ear hook which may be a little bit lose depending on the size of the ear, that is a rare case. But it if fits your ear properly and securely, then you have no problem.

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