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Providing You The Information Of Future Machines And Science

by Vinita
Future Machines and Science

Futurists can bring us some amazing and scary vision for the future tech design of machines and science. Future technology will replace the activities and products from our near and dear to us. As the world is improving every day by day, inventing new things, discovering so many things and without all these progress and achievements it could not be possible to achieve new things.

New technologies in the next 30 years

  • Bio-refrigerator

This refrigerator is suggested by a Russian designer; this will cool the food with the help of biopolymer gel. This refrigerator has no shelf or compartments to store food, you just have to put food into the gel, and the biopolymers will use light at a cool temperature to store the products. The gel is odorless and non-sticky. This refrigerator will be installed on the wall.


  • Underwater transport tunnel

An under-water transport tunnel is a future tech design that will be at a depth of 30 meters underwater. This will be with the help of large pipes that will be large enough for two lanes. Norway decides to work on this technology. This project will be completed in the year 2035. With this, they have taken some factors into an account like waves, strong currents, and the influence of win in the bridge.


  • Bioluminescent trees

This bioluminescent tree will be created using an enzyme found in some jellyfish and fireflies. This tree will help the person walking beside to see better at night and this will illuminate the streets.


  • 5G internet

Google is working on its 5G internet drone with solar panels which will distribute the super-fast internet. This project is called Project Sky bender. This drone will provide internet service better than 4G networks, 40 times faster and at per second transferring gigabytes of data. This will range shorter than 4G networks.


  • Roll-up TVs

The future tech design roll-up TV will get rolled up like a paper. This TV uses LEDs that are based on polymer organic which helps to reduce the thickness of the screen. LG, Samsung, Mitsubishi, and Sony are working on this project.






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