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Realme Phones to Get Single-Click Option to Disable Recommendations in Apps

by TechMobi Desk

Realme phones show advertisements like many other branded phones while using the phone for various options such as – to make calls, to make search, or while using various apps.  According to the official statement of the company, Realme has decided to show advertisements in the ColorOS which is similar to Xiaomi but also offers single-click options to the customers to disable the ads when needed to stop the display of ads on Realme phones.

Protection of privacy policy

The ads are displayed on Realme phones run using ColorOS of version 6 and above versions. These ads are referred to as the recommendable updates that ensure the protection of users’ privacy policy which follows relevant legal regulations.

Realme phone has also confirmed that it will continue to offer such business promotion activities in the future also. Such commercial proposals are part of the Realme phones which run with the help of powerful operating system ColorOS.  

The operating system ColorOS also promotes some of the business apps and commercial advertisements along with the links as a part of the proposal. These content recommendations are available in the phone manager app and also on the security check pages.  

Disable the ads Effectively

The rivalry between Realme and Xiaomi is well known. Recently when Xiaomi decided to upgrade its operating system and streamlined the MIUI11 software which allows the users to switch off the ads temporarily.  But Realme phone running on ColorOS 6 and above offers two effective ways to disable the ads with a single click.

  1. The ads can be disabled while setting the phone for the first time. Once disabled, the ads will not appear on the phone.
  2. To remove the ads from the phone after the phone has been set up,
  • Go to the option – Settings
  • Choose the option – Additional Settings
  • Click on Get Recommendations to disable the option

This option not only disables the ads displayed but also the third-party ads that keep coming on the phone. Realme OS which will be launching soon will have a number of advanced options. The latest techniques used in the Realme phone make it easy to handle with a useful set of user-friendly options.

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