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Review of OnePlus Nord N10 5G

by Sweeta Gupta
Review of onePlus Nord N10 5G

The OnePlus Nord N10 5G extends the brand’s mid-range Nord line with more humble hardware to accomplish a lower asking price. Here are the OnePlus Nord N10 5G specification, N10 5G’s battery , camera,etc.

It was gone before by a four-part narrative (which has since arrived at Amazon Prime Video), covering its development notwithstanding COVID, it prodded a committed Instagram account which actually serves up related posts on multiple times a day and the phone proceeded to get quite possibly the most generally welcomed mid-range handsets of 2020.

Of the 25 official Instagram posts made since the oneplus Nord N10 5G’s declaration, just five make any reference to the N10.

There’s discussion of OnePlus having recently pulled the design and hardware from associated phone creators like Oppo and most recently, we discovered that it (and the N100) will just get one software update and two years of security updates in the course of their life.

Design and build

Assuming the best about OnePlus and accepting that the N10 5G did not depend on one of BBK’s other companies’ devices, (for example, Oppo’s, Realme’s or Vivo’s phones), this handset is an odd blend of design elements – both old and new – from the company’s different mobiles.

The most clear distinction to recent OnePlus handsets is the arrival of a back mounted of rear – an attribute we haven’t seen since mid 2018’s OnePlus 6.

Its consideration comes straightforwardly because of the phone’s LCD-based display tech, which can’t oblige an optical in-display fingerprint sensor the way the first Nord or OnePlus 8 and 8T offer.

In the interim, a domino-style rectangular camera setup – as promoted by Samsung’s Galaxy S20 line – makes the N10 the second OnePlus phone after the 8T to game such a game plan; a characteristic we expect we’ll see a greater amount of on future OnePlus gadgets, passing by its incorporation here.

Moving to a lower price point contrasted with the first Nord implies you sacrifice a couple of key characteristics; in particular a glass back, the company’s unmistakable ready slider and more vulnerable water and dust protection.

All that said, you will discover microSD expand-ability, albeit, in a weird way, this invite expansion is unequivocally unique for OnePlus.

The N10 boasts a greater battery than the first Nord yet additionally accompanies additional mass to coordinate.

That plastic back is curved at the edges to fit the hand pleasantly however with no case in-box, the eye-getting Midnight Ice finish is immediately covered by fingerprints and doesn’t offer much in the method of grasp in everyday use.

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Display and audio of Oneplus Nord N10 5G

OnePlus doesn’t do little screened phones and the oneplus nord N10 5G is, indeed, a touch bigger than the standard Nord.

Its 6.49in panel utilizes LCD innovation instead of OLED (as found on the first Nord) and you can tell, in light of the drop conversely and more fragile shading reproduction.

Notwithstanding, it actually profits by a high 90Hz refresh rate for smooth scrolling and motion, alongside an entirely sharp Full HD+ resolution set into a tall 20:9 aspect proportion.

It’s important that the display’s invigorate rate isn’t versatile, so it comes set to 90Hz out the box and is locked there except if you physically switch it down to 60Hz, which makes a more regular survey insight with an effort to drag out battery life.

OnePlus gives you a respectable measure of command over the visuals, with shading temperature sliders for both general and Night Mode, a monochromatic Reading Mode and an Ambient Display choice, in spite of no consistently on setting.

The one thing the screen arrangement needs is a one-handed mode – a long-standing oversight on OnePlus phones that has never sounded good to me, thinking about their normally bigger impression.

Audio quality across both is able, with the sound system speakers being a specific feature at this price point; offering shockingly balanced, clear sound, contrasted with some other sound system skilled phone loudspeakers.

Software and highlights

While OnePlus is known for making phones that follow through on performance, the company’s cleaned take on Android Oxygen OS – is probably the best assets.

Modified beyond stock to the point that it adds esteem, without feeling overpowering, Oxygen OS is a rich user experience that is similarly as agreeable to newbies as it is long-lasting Android users.

In spite of showing up after the OnePlus 8T, which boasts the best in class Oxygen OS 11 (on Android 11), the oneplus nord N10 5G sports version 10.5 on Android 10.

This probably won’t appear to be huge, yet considering the leap from Oxygen OS 10 to 11 places an attention on better enhancing for one-gave use, it’s a disgrace that the user didn’t attempt to ensure its most recent client experience was accessible on its most latest device.

In any case, the oneplus nord N10 5G’s software is as yet a delight to utilize and includes helpful expansions over stock Android – like more noteworthy inbuilt customization.

Game Space and the included Fanatic mode are likewise available to help energetic mobile gamers, with resource optimization and notification concealment good to go.

It merits helping that in spite of the promise of an upgrade to Oxygen OS 11 (and Android 11) soon, dissimilar to the remainder of the current OnePlus lineup, both the N10 5G and the Nord N100 will just see a solitary significant software upgrade in the course of their lives (while other OnePlus phones will receive in any event two).

Performance of OnePlus Nord N10 5G

oneplus nord N10 5G performance specification

While the Nord N100 drops the performance ceiling significantly further, the oneplus nord N10 5G actually fills in as one of the company’s most unassumingly specced gadgets to date and one of the main phones out there to wear one of Qualcomm’s more moderate 5G-capable SoCs – the Snapdragon 690, sponsored by 6GB RAM and a genuinely liberal 128GB of internal storage.

In artificial testing, the Snapdragon 690 offers a lot of compute power for ordinary use however shows its weaknesses with regards to graphical performance, falling behind gadgets like the more affordable Poco X3.

That rear mounted fingerprint sensor additionally sabotages a generally responsive user experience, taking as long as some in-display choices to understand your print and in some cases declining to work out and out until the phone has been woken up with the tap of the power key.

Battery and charging

The Oneplus nord N10 5G’s sizeable edge covers a genuinely sizeable 4300mAh battery to coordinate, which fortunately follows through on longevity.

While it just matched the battery benchmark score accomplished by the first Nord’s more modest cell, in genuine use, it reliably given out a little more than six hours of screen-ontime (with a 5G SIM), which for most users should result in about a day and a portion of general use without issue.

The refreshed Warp Charge 30T standard that OnePlus presented on the OnePlus 7T series gives an underlying fast recharge and in testing brought the N10 5G’s battery up to 64% in only 30 minutes, with a full 100% charge in 60 minutes.

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Camera of OnePlus Nord N10 5G

One fascinating element originally found on the Oneplus Nord N10 5G is its essential 64Mp primary camera- the Omnivision sensor is something of an obscure amount in the smart phone space, so I was charmed to perceive how it took care of.

Shots are binned (combining four pixels of data into one to resolve commotion, shake and so on) into 16Mp stills naturally, yet you can catch at full resolution whenever wanted.

Insofar as there’s some level of encompassing light, the phone’s committed night mode makes low light shooting conceivable across both the fundamental and ultrawide sensors, while portrait mode when snapping selfies is best left alone; as edge detection from the phone’s single 16Mp snapper every now and again entangles.

Whenever wanted, the simple to-utilize tiered beauty settings are straightforward and powerful, however.

In conclusion, video capture grants up to 4K shooting, with both 16:9 and a 21:9 ‘Cine’ profile to pick between.


With only one SKU of N10 to browse (6GB RAM, 128GB capacity, 5G, Midnight Ice) price in India is expected upto Rs. 28,790, as this oneplus Nord N10 5G is yet to be launched in other countries like €299 in Europe (down from €349), and $299.99 in the US.


The Oneplus Nord N10 5G is maybe perhaps the most strange individuals from OnePlus’ present setup; not on the grounds that there’s no place for an ‘moderate OnePlus’ but since it’s involved various choices and qualities that appear to be unique for the brand.

Its design and hardware are strongly more conventional contrasted with the company’s other current phones, and keeping in mind that not the entirety of the contrasts among this and the original Nord are terrible [for example an earphone jack], they don’t repeat what the OnePlus brand guarantees.

Fortunately, the company’s unmistakable smart and clean user experience stays flawless and is seemingly the best thing about the N10, notwithstanding, it’s undermined by bugs that should be resolved for it to be a viewed as proposal.

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