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Role Of Camera Shutter Count In Photography

by Nitin Sinha
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Modern day cameras consist of very complicated electronics with minimal moving parts. The most important moving part is the shutter mechanism. The shutter mechanism is important for the camera’s shutter count. The term shutter count refers to the amount of pictures the camera has taken and how long the shutter is expected to last. Once a camera reaches a shutter count, the manufacturer of the camera will no longer guarantee its continued use. This article discusses the role of camera shutter count in photography by focusing on the Sony camera.


Block light From The Sensor

The shutter count has two key roles when taking pictures. The first and most important role is to open so that light reaches the sensor and close to block light from the sensor. When one takes a picture with a Sony Camera, the shutter moves a curtain from top to bottom thereby exposing the sensor. The sensor is struck by light that is reflected from the item being photographed and then another curtain covers it. The process moves incredibly fast and is what makes the taking of the photograph possible.


Flip The DSLR Mirror

The second role of the shutter is to flip the DSLR mirror. This allows for light to be reflected within the camera. The flipping of the mirror makes the process of focusing easier thereby facilitating the capturing of a clear picture.


Keep Track Of The Camera’s Lifecycle

The third major role of the shutter count is to keep track of the camera’s lifecycle. By keeping count of the shutter count one is able to estimate how long he/she can use the camera for.

Sony has largely avoided providing information on the shutter count of its Sony cameras. However, photography experts estimate that the count could be approximately 500,000 actions.



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