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Sandes App: Can it compete with WhatsApp?

by Sweeta Gupta
Sandes App

Sandes, which is the Indian government’s messaging application, is currently available to everybody. Government authorities already had access to it. The application, dispatched by the National Informatics Center (NIC), gives a lift to PM Narendra Modi’s Digital India and Aatmanirbhar Bharat (independent India) activity.

While users are content with the most recent WhatsApp policy change and have been evaluating different options in contrast to the messaging application, the government of India has created and launched Sandes messaging application.

The Sandes messaging application is available for download. Additionally, this and its use is available with add -free insight.

You can download the application in the form of an APK document. Also, you need to remember that Sandes is viable with Android 5.0 and later versions. The application isn’t live on the Google Play Store yet through the public authority’s GIMS entry. Notwithstanding, iOS users can basically download it through the Apps Store for gadgets running on iOS 12.0 or more.

Is Sandes better than WhatsApp as far as highlights? What is unique?


Sandes is allowed to utilize freely and there are no advertisement in the application. Do take note of that when you download it, you’ll find the application’s name displayed as GIMS (Government Instant Messaging System).

Be that as it may, the government authority is calling it as Sandes, which fundamentally implies message in Hindi.

Sandes has an interface like WhatsApp and you will discover a large portion of the WhatsApp includes in this application. We will get to this in a piece. How about we first walk you through the outstanding contrasts between both the messaging applications.


One of the significant differences is Sandes offers an alternative to join utilising the email id and not simply with cell phone number. However, this is as of now confined to government authorities as it were. WhatsApp just permits you to make an account utilising your number.

You will likewise see checked accounts on this stage, which isn’t accessible on WhatsApp. The public authority’s messaging application permits you to share recordings or videos or photographs with up to 500MB, which is more than WhatsApp. The last allows you to send videos with 16MB cutoff in size and customary documents up to 100MB.

We enjoyed the way that you can back up chats on your gadget and pick an external location. You have the choice to back up visits on email as well. Assuming you are a WhatsApp user, you realise that the Facebook-claimed application just allows you to back up chats to either Google Drive on Android or iCloud on iOS.


Yet, the Sandes application doesn’t allow you to change your mobile number or email ID subsequent to making an account. Along these lines, in the event that you have another new account or lost your email id, you should make another new account. In such an event, you will lose every one of your chats as well. Interestingly, WhatsApp allows you to change phone number without erasing your current profile.

As of now, there is no unique finger print lock highlight and screen lock include, which WhatsApp offers. You also cannot expect to get some other protection highlights found in the Signal application. These include the undercover console mode, screen security (block screen captures feature) etc.

You also won’t be able to check at what time the beneficiary has perused your message, actually like Signal application.


However, Sandes allows you to check weather subtleties of your city in the application. You can add need or classified names to messages, which is fascinating. There is additionally a part called “Gimoji,” which displays images utilised in official correspondence.

You can also access highlights like transmission message, status, vanishing messages, forward messages, erase messages, archive chats etc on the Sandes application. You can make a group and add in any event 50 individuals.

Sandes likewise offers a choice to adjust contacts and add new contacts who are utilizing a similar platform. Anybody can include you to a group right now messaging application and there is no invitation framework.

Would you be able to utilize Sandes application on a PC or desktop or tablet?

For the present, the Sandes application is accessible for Android, and iOS users as it were. It isn’t viable with tablets, however you can utilize the web variant of the application.

At present, it is likewise not accessible on Play Store and you will get the application through the government authority’s site. iOS users can download the Sandes application from App Store.

What user information does Sandes data take?

The application’s privacy label on Apple’s App Store shows that it collects Contact Info, User Content, Identifiers, Diagnostics and other information.

The last methods the system gathers metadata of each message, including the sender’s Identity, the collector’s character, the date, time and size of moment or group messages, sound and video calling date, time and span.

The log files, crash reports, user’s service settings, online status, last seen status and date of when you last refreshed your profile. These are very typical and are gathered by the majority of the messaging applications.

According to the privacy policy of the Sandes application, all messages in an individual or group chats are “Start to finish scrambled for guaranteeing secure communication.” The approach has plainly expressed that the framework doesn’t sell or share any actually recognisable data to “any outsider, aside from covered under law authorisation/court matter and so on”

“Any data gave to the framework will be protected from unapproved access, alteration, or annihilation.”

The Indian messaging application likewise underpins checked accounts for government workers that WhatsApp doesn’t offer.

Notwithstanding this Sandes additionally gives you a choice to send chats backups to your emails which is absurd on account of WhatsApp where the chats are reared up to Google Drive or iCloud as it were.

Shouldn’t something be said about security?

However, tragically utilising Sandes doesn’t allow you to change to another portable number or email ID once joined. On the other hand, WhatsApp accompanies a committed Change Number component to transform from an old phone number to another one.

Aside from this, the previous one permits users to share videos or photographs with up to 500MB. Then again, the last one gives an alternative to send videos with 16MB and standard documents up to 100MB.

Sandes likewise needs key security highlights, for example, unique mark lock highlight and screen lock included. We desire and hope that developers offered this at a later stage.

Sandes Weather Highlight

However, it allows you to check the weather subtleties of your city in the actual application. Then, it incorporates the wide range of various highlights much the same as WhatsApp. Highlights like status, vanishing messages, forward messages, erase messages, file talks and then some more.

The public authority is yet to have any clearness on how it is intending to utilize Sandes. But nonetheless, in any case currently, the application right now has a number of good highlights and it’s also a government platform. Thus, there are chances that it’ll very well may be received by people over global informing applications including WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal.

The public authority is as of now requesting that its workers utilize the Sandes application for their authority correspondence.

In any case, it is before long increase notoriety among the general public.

What do you think, will Sandes can compete with WhatsApp?

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