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Find Out How Many Satellites India Has Launched Till Now?

by Mukul Sharma
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How many satellites India has Launched till now

Have you ever thought about how many satellites India has launched so far? Well RISAT-2BR1 is the 32nd satellite successfully launched by Indian Scientists on 11th December from Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota.

This was also the 50th launch of the PSLV along with nine other commercial satellites of Italy, Japan, Israel and the United States.

The first experimental satellite Aryabhatta was launched in 1975 and with a time span of 44 years, we have launched more than 100 satellites. It should be also noted that more than 60% of the total successful launched satellites are used for communication and earth observation.

The first earth observation satellite of India was Bhaskara- I which had an experimental remote sensor that was put in orbit in 1979. It was equipped with two television cameras which provided images of forestry and hydrology.

These cameras were so powerful that could capture an image as low as 25 cm from the height of 500 km. These images could help in rural, urban applications, infrastructure planning coastal land use, and other utility management including water grids, distribution, creation of land use maps, and road networks.

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When we talk about the first navigation satellite then IRNSS-1A was India’s first navigation satellite that was launched in 2013 and from then seven more satellites have been placed.

In 2016, ISRO launched 8 satellites which is the highest annual output and in 2017 and 2018 also it launched 9 satellites. In 2019 only ISRO launched six satellites.

So far India has been able to achieve a 90% success rate in launching satellites.

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