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How smart home devices like Google Home, Alexa make our life easy

by Satish
how smart home devices make life easy

Most of the people are having smartphones & main other smart devices that can make their life easier. But having smart home devices that work like assistance can change your life completely. There are two brands available in the market which work as smart assistance. The two branded smart assistants that have become part of most of the homes around are Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

If you compare these two smart assistants Google Home and Amazon Alexa you will understand the meaning of the useful features that make the life of a user Asia smart and enjoyable all through the day.

Smart home assistants

Both smart home assistants are highly innovative and easy to handle. While talking about the software that is installed in these devices controls the entire system and every operation systematically. The smart home product technology is highly advanced and both Amazon and Google offer holistic vision while providing the popular tools to be used at home.

Though home assistant Alexa of Amazon is highly popular among the users. Google is also offering superior technique and it clearly shows that Google working hard to become the winner in the near future.

Alexa is a highly flexible home device having reliable hardware that can be used for a longer duration.  Google home assistant offers the most innovative software net keeps updating and offers a bigger advantage for the users.

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Control with commands

These smart home devices are useful at home and also in the offices. Learn a number of functions that can be easily done with the help of home assistance and the user gets time to relax and enjoy.

The home assistant devices can be given voice commands to do certain tasks such as playing a favorite song, how to listen to a favorite music show, search for required information, find out the weather and temperature, answer the questions and control many other small devices at your home.

You can even have a conversation with the assistant and you and you can chat. There are certain commands we have to give and the home assistant understands the commands well and works accordingly. The home assistant is certainly a device that most users use it once and start loving it.


It’s a new way of life where you can have advanced technology at your service. You can plan your day and your home assistance will help you in your work and also when you want to enjoy and relax. Home assistances are highly useful for elder and lonely people who need someone to remind their tasks and also talk to them when they feel lonely.

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