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Smartphones are a boon or bane

by Tech Desk
smartphones boon or bane

So what is a :

  • Boon : Something that makes your job easier
  • Bane : A menace.

Anyone who would be handed over this topic to write upon needs to have his/her personal views, in order to do the justice to this job.

  • SmartPhones are a boon when it comes to its multifunctionality i.e. you just need a sim, memory card and an internet connection and there would be nothing in your life that could be made much better or moderated in a way that makes your daily life better.
  • On the other hand, when you go overboard with smartphones it is similar to landing in the danger zone.

An Illustration/Case Study would could give you a real life experience about this:

  • Case Study 1 : SmartPhone as a Boon

Essential Services like Electricity, Communication Services like Mobile, Telephone and Internet, Water Bills, Banking, Public and Private Transportation and many other services that are crucial to both public and personal life can be accessed or managed all with a few clicks with an internet connected smartphone in hand. So, disability and age factor are things of the past when it comes to achieve success in your life, as you can use smartphones and Information Technology in combination to achieve both your personal and professional motives.

The height of success that comes with a smartphone is that local population in disturbed areas like Kashmir do business globally for their GI products using a combination of smartphones and internet and move a step daily towards economic growth.

  • Case Study 2 : SmartPhone as a Bane

SmartPhones have proven capabilities to do more harm than good as and when user applies his/her creativity to this device. Like you must have seen people making videos or taking pics in family functions or their child’s first walk on his/her feet for memories, all that using smartphones.

Anti-Social Elements use these capabilities in private places like restrooms and boardroom meetings to their personal benefit, which could be blackmailing for money or corporate espionage.

So, to close the case, as the past has taught us that every coin in the market earns its credibility in the market, with two commonly identifiable but distinguished sides, in the absence of which it would be called a fake coin.

Similar is the case with the smartphone that has its value in the market because of being a multiple use device and the same multiple use device is being milked for wrong intentions.

In the end, to decide on it as a tech boon or bane would be an individual decision that has rare chances of earning a majority in the coming future.



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