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Smartphones Complete Configuration & features

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Smartphones Configurations & Features

As the name suggests this article will tell you about the details to watch out for when you’re in the market to buy a smartphone.

Below are some of the crucial smartphone details that play a key role in your smartphone’s best performance when it comes out of the box.

  • Screen/Display Size

It has been a while that Full HD has become a default resolution for all the multimedia content globally. Now even 4K has been out in the industry for a while. So, a bigger screen size is needed in your smartphone to support resolutions from Full HD to higher ones arriving in the future.

  • RAM

More RAM is needed for a system to run smooth especially the one with a capability to run multiple applications at once. So the more the RAM, the less there are chances for your smartphone needing a power cycles, in case of system overload.

  • External Memory Support

Internal Memory is expensive, so the best option is to go for devices that provides external memory support i.e. expandable memory support. Look out for compatibility with micro-SDXC memory cards.

  • Battery

Bigger battery keeps your smartphone running for a long duration after a full charge. So, if you need to get rid of the hassle of walking with a charger everytime you walk out of office/home, pick up a smartphone with bigger mAh.

  • Primary Camera

If you want high resolution images whenever you use your phone for taking pics, then either take a dual camera phone or one with greater megapixels.

  • Operating Systems

Buy a phone with the latest Operating System and look out on manufacturer’s portal that whether it will be getting updates for upcoming operating systems. Latest operating systems ensure that you are smartphone is upto date and providing you the latest features.

To conclude, there are a whole lot of factors that should be taken care of while you are buying a smartphone. And that list will not be complete and you can keep on writing. To summarise as smartphone technology makes advances the factors/variables go on and on.

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