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SmartPhones Positive & Negative effects on Youth 2018

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smart phone effect on youth

This is a hot topic for discussion now a days and is attracting strong views in both online and offline discussion forums from both sides i.e. advocates and adversaries (of smartphone usage), as smartphone device penetration increases across the world.

We will be evaluating both sides of the coin i.e.

  • How SmartPhones brings the best out in Youth &
  • How it makes them cross the line.


First we will go towards positives when both smartphones and Youth work in sync with each other. You must be aware of the fact that how:

  • Differently abled youth
  • Rural youth
  • Uneducated youth

All are unable to play a contributing part in their nation’s economic growth, be it India or any other nation of the world.

Smartphones by nature have an incredible capability of being extremely user friendly and User Interactive. As a result it has an established record of making people comfortable using it and helping them achieve their dreams, cutting across all the lines that are a hindrance.

Also there have been a lot of cases in the past and new cases daily coming up that prove to us that how Youth use smartphones to achieve success.


Parents and Educational Institution managements are struggling to keep smartphones usage by youth in check, both at home and in institution’s infrastructure respectively. Which includes banning them in complete and sometimes confiscating them in extreme stages, when things out of hand.

So, what happened that made this tech device a source of concern, in other words, what are its effects on Youth that made its adversaries go offensive. The answer lies in the way Global Youth handled this device, a majority of them irresponsibly. We will illustrate this by a real life example:

You must have seen in news, that a few years back school students using imaging capabilities of smartphones to make offensive videos of fairer sex and posting them online, all for fun. That was the day the India was introduced to the fact that how smartphones can have bad effects on Youth. This is one of the negatives of smartphones and Youth combined.


SmartPhones effects on Youth is a topic that will earn its advocates and adversaries time to time, as Youth experiments with its capabilities and use it or exploit it. It is all up to them to create a case file that helps them win the case or lose it.

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