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Some Exciting Future Technologies For Us

by Vinita
Future Technologies

Technologies are the objects used by humans to change the natural and man-made environment. It’s a human knowledge that uses tools, future tech systems, and material to get better output or result. This is done to modify the environment or to control them and for this, they use different tools and machines. These systems have a consequence for society, people, and the environment.

Parts of technology system

  • Input- This part of the technology system can be settings defined by a user or electricity such as a clock had an input which lets you turn it on or off, same us toaster has an input which allows you to toast your bread according to how long you need it for.
  • Transformation- This part transforms the input to give what you want or need such as clock takes an input and gives you time by its transformation the same as taster transform your need into a heating bread according to your time.
  • Output- after those two parts of the technology system they give you output such as clock shows your time and toaster gives you the perfectly toasted bread.
  • Control- Every system has this control part which is the most important part of any technology systems as if your toaster gives you burn bread than there is something wrong with the control system.
  • Subsystem- Some technology has various subsystems such as a mobile phone. It as a camera, different apps for different use or purpose, flashlight, speaker and many more things.


All these technology systems were created by people to fulfill their basic needs and requirements in their daily life. These are created or modified in time. To create a future technology system, it takes a lot of teamwork and lots of skills regarding technologies to get the best output. And all these systems involve inputs to get a better output result.

For the best result of a product, future technology systems need a group of 6 people- scientists, engineers, technologists, workers, managers, and consumers. And they use some basic mechanisms for their work- lever, screw, pulley, wheel, axle, inclined plane, wedge, and more.





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