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6 telegram bots that will make your daily struggles a cakewalk!

by Shatakshi Gupta

The world’s most rapidly expanding messaging app is Telegram. It is being used by 700 million individuals globally, and the number is growing. Telegram is a helpful communication channel with many practical features for businesses and organisations. Additionally, sending a newsletter or notification is free of charge. Telegram bots are a significant additional reason to use the messaging platform.

There are quite a few of them, and they are already well-established in everyday private use. However, people are starting to catch on, and more business accounts are beginning to use these fantastic bots in their own channels and groups. For this reason, we have compiled a list of six Telegram bots for 2022 that will simplify your chores.

Let’s define a Telegram bot first:

A Telegram bot is a piece of software that lets Telegram users add features and automations to their chats, channels, or groups. They can be created either using the Telegram bot API or the Telegram’s proprietary bot builder, the Botfather. Now, let’s check out the useful bots.


The DropMail bot offers temporary email addresses for users who wish to stop receiving spam and don’t want to share their email address with anyone. To finish your transaction, you can get confirmation or activation emails. The email will be removed ten minutes after being used to sign up for platforms.


Babelgram is a fantastic translation bot. The bot will translate your input text into the desired language after you add it to a group and turn on the desired translation. By simply entering /enable language code of input> language code of translation> into the chat, other group members can utilise the bot. The simultaneous translation allows the dialogue to continue naturally.

File converter

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The File Converter bot is a genuine Swiss army knife that you may use. It has the ability to convert almost any file format. Simply upload a file to the chat from your device, and the file converter will identify the format and present you with conversion options via chat buttons. The file is converted when you select the appropriate format, and you can download it.

Air track

AirTrack is yet another intriguing use for a Telegram bot. Users can use the AirTrack bot to find flights without opening a web browser or conducting their own internet search. AirTrack will present you with the most affordable options once you enter the departing airport, your final destination, and the dates of the two flights.


You can download media with GetMediaBot from any location. You can directly download music from Soundcloud, videos from YouTube, and images from Instagram, for instance. The bot provides connections to search for music and videos when you first launch it. Additionally, buttons can be clicked to search for lyrics, download directly, and download Instagram stories.


Although the name of this bot initially appears to be a jumbled combination of letters and numbers, if you read it carefully, it actually describes what the bot does, which is to take a web page (URL) and convert it into a picture (IMG) as a screenshot.

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