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The Most Popular Editing Apps for SmartPhones

by Tech Desk
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In this article we would be listing some of the apps that are popular among smartphone users when it comes to image editing.

  • Pixlr Express / Autodesk Pixlr

Pixlr Express

Autodesk Pixlr for Android and Pixlr Express in Apple’s App Store. It is a free of cost app. That is simple to use with a complete set of editing tools.

This app consistently occupies the position in the list of most downloaded apps and gets appreciation for its full functionality. Its effects include an easy slider tool to adjust the strength of the effect. Undo and Redo buttons at the screen top corrects the decision quickly.

One of its best features are a wide selection of file output sizes. Users can save finished image to the camera roll at “current size” or choose to output in the provided four sizes or enter custom dimensions.



This app offers the exact sort of looks, desktop users and film fans will recognize:

  • Washed out tones,
  • Saturated colors,
  • High-contrast black and
  • Whites.

It has a limited number of choices, but paid version has many choice offers.

Once you have selected a filter, this app offers comprehensive, but not selective, control to the entire image, with temperature, contrast, cropping and other standard tools.

It also has some uncommon features to offer, like the ability to “rescue” shadows or highlights from going totally white or black, respectively

  • Lightroom Mobile

Lightroom Mobile

When you wish to go serious with photo editing. This is the best option.

When one syncs the desktop image collection to Lightroom Mobile, it creates a Smart Preview file of the larger images. It is these preview files that you actually edit via the app.

It comes in handy when you use your smartphone to capture behind-the-scenes snapshots during your shoots. It can be used to take a quick snap and share it on social media.


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