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Top 5 Best Laser Printer Available In Market

by Aditi Singh

There are different varieties of printers you can find in the market but what suits you the best? So here we are with the top 5 best laser printer that you can find and choose according to your need.

HP Laserjet Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer

HP Laserjet

HP Laserjet M1005 printer is one of the best monochrome laser printers. These are compact-sized, multifunctional printers that are easy to operate and are most suitable for commercial and residential usages.  HP (Hewlett-Packard) printers are the market leaders printers are the best quality printers available in the market at a reasonable price.  The printer is highly advanced and it can print, scan, and copy the documents of high quality. The size of the printer is bigger than the inkjet printer but it can be easily accommodated on the desk.

The printer works on instant-on-technology and it works on low power mode and reduces the consumption of energy in everyday work. The printer offers high-quality scanning with the help of flatbed scanning technology. It can scan the documents using 12000dpi.


  • Quality of printing is superior
  • High-speed printer
  • Consumption of power
  • Multipurpose device


  • Doesn’t support wireless printing

Canon Image Laser Monochrome Laser Printer

Canon Image laserjet

Canon laser printer has become one of the most reliable printers, offering excellent services and advanced features that are identical to HP printers. The Canon laser printer only prints the documents. The monochrome printer works with a speed of 12 pages per minute.  The printer perfectly fits on the side of the desk either in the office or at home.  The printer supports Canon Advanced Printing Technology (CAPT) along with Hi-ScoA (High Smart Compression Architecture.  

It allows the printer to compress the documents sent for the printing and transfer it at a higher speed and to print it at a faster speed. The printing quality is high and it can be used to print high-quality images, posters, and calendars. The printer doesn’t get heated due to the usage of advanced techniques.


  • Compact in size
  • Doesn’t get heated 
  • High-speed printing


  • Only prints the document
  • Monochrome printing

HP Laserjet Versatile Monochrome Laser Printer

HP laserjet versatile

HP Laserjet Pro M1136 is a versatile printer that is a multifunctional laser printer. The monochrome printer is bigger and mainly used for commercial purposes. It offers printing, copying, and scanning services and can print 18 pages per minute. The printer looks stylish and because of its multifunctional operation, it is always preferred by the professionals. The quality of printing is higher and it can deliver outstanding results in a short span. The printer has an advanced duplexing feature which is exceptional. 

The printer is certified as an Energy-star and having an input tray of capacity 150 sheets is ready to serve. The printer can print about 800 pages in a month with high-quality output.

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  • High-speed printing
  • Outstanding quality output
  • Duplexing is an added feature 


  • Monochrome printing
  • Higher price

Samsung Multi-Function Monochrome Laser Printer

samsung printer

Samsung SCX-3401 Laser printer supports fast printing technology. The energy-efficient printer offers three pre-installed functions such as ID Copy, N-up copy, and Scan to email & fax.

 The printer is lightweight, portable, and can print with a speed of 20 pages per minute.  The wired connectivity of the printer remains powerful. The width of the printer is 27.4 inches and the height is about 24.9 inches. The memory capacity of the printer is 64 MMB which can be extended as per requirement. The space-efficient printer is highly preferred in the commercial and in the residential areas. 

Samsung printer not only prints on both sides of the paper but it allows copying of the document on both sides of the paper.  After-sales service of the company is excellent that makes the printer the most popular in the market.  

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  • Space efficient printer
  • Print & copy on both sides of paper


  • Supports wired technology

Brother Monochrome Laser Printer 

Brother HL-L2321D printer is one of the most advanced printers which make use of auto Duplex printing.  Brother laser printers offer excellent quality printers and remain top quality manufacturers like HP and Canon printers. The laser printers offer a single function and prints with a higher speed of 30 pages per minute. The printer can print about 10,000 pages in a month and are specially used for high volume printing requirements. The printer not only saves the paper while printing on both sides of the pages but it can scale and manage two documents to a page of A4 size. 

The printer can work on both manual feed and automatic feed modes. The printer can print on thick-sized pages also by changing the settings and it can print on letterheads, envelops and covers. 


  • Saves power and paper both
  • Duplex printing 
  • Prints on thick-sized papers


  • Higher price
  • Monochrome

Bottom Line:

Printer has become necessity than a luxury today. A printer which offers excellent services and useful in other multipurpose functions are in demand today. While choosing the most suitable printer, you have to make check for its features, functionalities and the performance. Of course price is also an important factor to be considered while comparing the different printers. 

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