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Have you ever gone out of your door with your phone’s battery low, then you know that power is precious and you need a very good charger to get the power to your phone? We all know a charger is a device for charging a battery or a device that is used to charge a device that has a battery. And we have all probably had issues with changing our phone chargers every two weeks, this is because we haven’t found the right charger for us, or we haven’t found the best charger. This article is to enlist the top five best chargers and probably help you see the best charger you can get for your phone. Below are the top five best chargers.

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  • Anker Power Port III Nano (20W): As indicated in the name, it’s a 20Watts charger. This charger was designed for iPhones and it is one of the best options for charging any phone fast. Even though it charges faster than other chargers, it saves space in your bag because it is tiny. It is not expensive and it can get a fully drained phone battery up to about 50% full in about half an hour. It charges the new iPhones (iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, etc.) and the previous iPhone models (iPhone 6, iPhone 7, etc.) up to 3 times faster than the normal chargers. It does not only charge iPhones, it also charges the Samsung S20, AirPods, earbuds, and smartwatches too. The Anker Power Port III Nano also has an 18-month warranty after the purchase and it comes in color white. So this charger is one of the top 5 chargers as of now.
  • Aukey Omnia Mini 20W: Just as the name implies, it is a 20-watt charger, and it has almost the same function as the Anker Power Port III Nano. It is a very portable charger which is 50% smaller than the other 20W chargers. It was also designed for iPhones. Just like the Anker Power Port III Nano, it charges very fast and it does not block other outlets when plugged, that is, it is small enough not to get in the way of other power outlets.
  • Oraimo: It is an eighteen-watt (18W) charger. The Oraimo charger is a fast wall charger with a micro-USB cable with detachable cable. It is one of the best chargers so far because it charges phones faster and it is durable. According to Amazon’s choice, Oraimo chargers are the best chargers for fast charging. As stated earlier, it comes with a USB cable that can be plugged into either a computer system or a power bank. Oraimo chargers have been proven to be the best among the android chargers, and so it is rated part of the top 5 best chargers.
  • RAV Power Wireless Charging Puck: It is a wireless charger in which phones are meant to be placed on it and not plugging any cord into the phone. Asides from its wireless characteristics, the RAV Power has some other models too which are called the “Hyper Series”. These Hyper Series are more lightweight than the latter model and they are also more affordable and more useful. Although it has lesser power than the Anker Power Port III Nano and the Aukey Omnia Mini because it has just 7.5 watts and they have 20 watts each. According to my research, the RAV Power Wireless Charging Puck is the best wireless charger out there. So this explains why it is listed among the top five chargers. This charger charges 20% faster than other chargers.
  • Spigen Steadiboost: It is also a wireless charger just like the RAV Power Wireless Charging Puck. It charges phones that support wireless charging faster. And according to someone that has purchased it, the Spigen Steadiboost charges the phone well, even with the phone pouch or phone case on it. It charges apple products at 7.5W and it charges the android devices at 10W or 15W, depending on the phone. This wireless charger can transform between flat and stand mode. It also has a LED power light that makes you be at ease when you sleep. It comes with a braided USB-C cable with a smart cable tie.

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Above are the top five best chargers for both android models and IOS models according to my research. Each of these chargers has specific characteristics that make it to be listed among the top five best chargers. And they are so far considered to be the fastest and most efficient chargers so far. So if you have been in a dilemma of purchasing a good charger and you are looking to purchase one, any of the top 5 best chargers listed above will be a good idea.

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