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Top Tips For Instagram- Use The App Like A Pro

by Abhimanyu Sharma

No doubt if you are a smartphone user then you might have heard if not used the social media giant Instagram. Instagram is one of the coolest and smartest social media app for sharing pics and videos. This app has been a huge success across the world which is visible from its huge user base of around 800 million worldwide. The main reason for the popularity is its most user-friendly setup and it is completely free to use. Another social media giant Facebook has become the owner of Instagram recently. Today this article will bring you the top tips and hacks for Instagram to become a pro.

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1. Post Instagram Photos Directly to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and More

If you are a social media lover and you love to post the same pics and videos on various social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or more than it is very to do so. Instead of posting the same pics and videos on every social media platform individually you can just make some settings in your Instagram app and you will be ready to post the same pics and videos on every social media platform. To enable this function you just need to go on Profile > Options > Settings > Account > Linked Accounts after linking your Instagram app with other social media apps than you can share the same pics and videos on every social media platforms very easily just by a click.

2.Disabling Activity Status for Direct Messages

If you don’t like others checking your activity status for using this app then follow these steps. This feature of Instagram is similar to the WhatsApp where you can hide your activity status.

This feature of the app helps you to ignore unwanted friends from tracking your activity status. To enable disabling the activity status just click Profile > Options > Settings > Privacy> Show Activity Status here just toggle the switch to enable the feature. However, if you will disable your activity them you too will not be able to check the activity status of others in your friends’ list.

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3. Switching to a Business Profile

If you wish to set your Instagram profile into a business profile then read this. Having a business profile has many advantages and benefits like post statistics, profile reach, profile analytics, scheduling posts and more. These features are not available to other users. To make your Instagram account to a business account, you need to go on Settings > Account, in this section, you can here choose to switch to a professional account or a business account.

4.Hiding Stories From Users

There are many an occasion when you wanna share some stories but at the same to you wanna hide those stories from some of your friends or any time from your elders and parents. If you wanna hide such stories than Instagram has a feature to hide the stories from some specific people in your list. To hide your stories from selected friends just open the Instagram profile and tap on the three dots on the top right side of the screen, from here select the ‘Hide your story” from the list of options flashing on the screen. Hitting this option will enable you to select the people from whom you wanna hide your stories.

5. Add Unique Fonts to Your Instagram Bio

An attractive and stylish bio is key to increase your followers on Instagram. Instagram has provided many features like adding emojis, links to your work samples and many more but the font style is very standard and simple. If you wish to add a distinct font style to your Instagram profile then you can use a website called LingoJam. This website has a number of different styles of fonts that will make your Instagram bio more attractive and cool. This website can be used on mobile and pc both.

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6.Creating a Collection of Your Favourite Posts

If you like to save or bookmark your favourite post then Instagram has this feature also. You can also create a collection of your favourite posts by tapping on your profile and hit the hamburger menu icon on the top-right corner, find the option ‘saved’. Here you can hit the “+” button to create a new collection where you can add photos from the ones that you’ve already saved. By following these steps you can save your favourite posts and also you can add them to your library and can watch them at any time.

7.Story Highlights and Story Archives

Instagram automatically archives all the stories uploaded by you after they expire. If you want to see your old stories then just go to your profile and then hit the archive option provided n the top screen from here you can find all your past stories which you shared. Another interesting feature on Instagram is of highlighting the stories. If you have any important stories then you can highlight them on your profile. To highlight any of your stories just click on the profile page and then hit the ‘New Story Highlight’ option. Here, you can select the stories from your stories archives, which you can share on your profile. However, these highlighted stories will not be removed automatically after 24 hours and you may have to remove them manually.

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8.Saving Instagram Stories

Instagram does not let the users save the stories of others or even it restricts the taking of screenshots without the user’s notification. But if you want to save some stories without other person knowing about it then you can do it by downloading storey saver for Instagram on android phones. In this first, you may have to log in with your Instagram username and password and then you will see all the stories uploaded by your friends and you can very easily save them from here. You can salo do this on ios system by downloading Story Reposter app on iTunes.

9.Rainbow text for Instagram stories

Instagram has a feature of uploading the stories with very attractive and catchy rainbow colours to make them more attractive. To upload the stories in rainbow background firstly you may have to select the stories option and just type the text you want to upload. Then tap on the selected text that you just added to your story and hold your one finger on one of the colours you want to add until a gradient pops up on the screen. After this, just hold the other end of the cursor at the same time, and move both of your fingers towards the opposite end until your text gets filled with the gradient rainbow colours.

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10.Manage Multiple Accounts on Instagram

Many times there is a situation when you may need a different account to handle different situations like one for your personal use while another for the professional use. Managing two or more different accounts might be a little hectic in other social media platforms but it is very easy on Instagram. To add multiple accounts on the Instagram app just tap on your name in the top left section of your profile tab and then tap on “Add Account” button. This will provide the option of adding multiple accounts and very easily you can switch from one account to other.

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