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Type c mobile phones in India

by Naina Chauhan
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Type C mobile phone – 2

If you are on the lookout for Type C mobile phones in India, then you are in luck, for there are more than
a few brands from Samsung to Xiaomi that have incorporated the same into some of their flagship
models. It is yet to be widely adopted by the whole android market but more and more models are
being launched with USB C port. When it comes to Type C mobile phones in India, you should know that
you have a wider choice of models to choose from than you had earlier before. So check them out, find
out more about the individual models and choose the one that fits your current budget.

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Faster charging

One of the reasons that you would want to go for Type C mobile phones in India is that it is fast charging
to the point that it is three to four times faster than USB 2.0, and that’s no mean feat. Apart from this, is
the fact that the USB cord is also reversible which essentially means that you can use either end to
charge your phone. That should certainly help make your life a little easier. And apart from charging, the
USB cable also comes with a few innovative features, and for more information, do check out below.

Electricity transfers

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One of the neat, innovative features of this USB cord is the fact that you can use it to transfer power
from your phone/cable/ hand held device to another with ease. So if you are caught in the middle of a
power blackout and your phone is on the point of conking out, then you can use this cable to transfer
some charge from your friend’s phone to your own. But you may also want to remember that not all the
phones are compatible yet with this particular USB cord – so it may be a few months or even years
before you can use this particular cord with any model phone. So check out the latest phones in the
market with this particular USB cord, and sort through the various choices and pick out the right one
that meets your requirements.

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