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Vodafone Idea Launches Cashback Offer For Online Recharge Done for Other Customers

by Aditi Singh

Vodafone Idea is offering the best plans and offers to provide better facilities to its users at the time of lockdown. So that even in lockdown, users have no problem in calling and internet connectivity. At the same time, the company has brought a special offer for its subscribers. Which has been introduced as #RechargeForGood. In this offer, users are also getting a chance to earn money on recharging. This offer has been specially introduced for users who do not know how to recharge online. Let’s know what is special in this offer?

In Vodafone Idea’s #RechargeForGood offer, users will get up to 6 percent Cashback on one recharge. The purpose of the company behind the launch of this plan is to extend the facility to recharge to more and more users. So that no one has to bother for recharge in lockdown. This #RechargeForGood plan goes live on 9 April 2020 for Vodafone users and on April 10 for Idea users and the validity is 30 April 2020. That is, Vodafone Idea users can avail cashback facility till April 30.

Under the RechargeForGood offer, Vodafone Idea users recharge their friends, family members or any other customer from their phones, they will get 6 percent Cashback. Users who do not know how to recharge online can get their number recharged with the help of someone else. For this, users can use MyVodafone or MyIdea app. This plan or facility is available only for prepaid users. Users can use the cashback received in the next recharge. By the way, before that, Reliance Jio and Airtel have also introduced such plans for their users.

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