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Wanna Know About LG Smart TV 43 inch? Then, Read This Review

by Nitin Sinha
LG Smart TV 43 inch

If you are considering buying a new middle-sized smart TV that comes with good features and comes at a good price, look no further because we’ve got you covered. Here is a review of LG’s smart TV (43 inches) that will blow your mind away:

1. Pricing: An important factor in determining if you can or cannot buy the product in the first place. The TV is comparatively cheaper than its current competitors on the market. You can find deals ranging anywhere from $300 to $360. A very doable price for people with all sorts of budget.

2. Aesthetics/design: At first look, the users may find that the TV is rather simple in its design. Not too many extra dangly features to look at body wise. You have a TV that will mount well with a feature and has plastic feet you can remove if you don’t like.

3. Ports: The TV sports input cables for both HDMI and USBs. You can find ports for HDMI and USB on rear sides as well as at the back of the TV, making it convenient for you to plug in however you’d like to arrange.

4. Performance: The one thing not so great is dimming since many users now use that feature to adjust to room lighting. There is no dimming feature for the user locally and the screen won’t adjust. But it makes up for it by offering great detail on the watching experience. The colors are bright and fun.

5. Sounds/Audio: An important feature for any buyer to consider. The volumes can be adjusted well and audio seems clear for a TV in this budget. The smart TV doesn’t have amazing quality audio like some of the more expensive TVs out there, but for a user, it will do the job well it was designed to do.

6. Remote: LG smart TV remote is another interesting feature for this set. Instead of the small sticks, the company gives you a big old school TV remote with 46 buttons on it. Although you experience the TV as any other set would let you do, the remote is still a downer with its big handle and no motion/voice search features.

So in our opinion, except for the remote becomes a little bit of a downer, the best part about the TV is its price and functions. You still get to have the smart TV big experience in little price.



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