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Wanna Know About This DSLR Camera Of Nikon? Then, Read This Review

by Nitin Sinha
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Nikon Camera

Nikon is a well-established brand that is also a popular one when it comes to its line of DSLR cameras. We are going to review here some pros and cons of buying a Nikon DSLR:


  1. Nikon has some great variety of fully framed DSLRs that are also mirrorless and have high-quality sensors.
  2. Differing prices between different DSLRs that are packed with various features – more for the customer to choose from in an affordable price from their budget.
  3. Video recording options available in majority high definition DSLR’s in the upper price range – great way to do video and photography together in one Nikon camera.
  4. High megapixels on the Nikon cameras – always a bonus to have perfect shots with perfect pixels, imaging, high-quality videos, and sound.
  5. Compatible Bluetooth – which means you can share videos and photos with your laptop, phone or any other device instantly with Bluetooth. This feature may or may not exist in all DSLRs, but the ones higher up in pricing will surely feature it.
  6. Variability in market – Nikon camera range is found on all online shopping portals because of their popularity amongst the photographer community. You can even find Nikon DSLR cameras in shops in local markets. It is easier to access their various models and be able to see the camera work, before buying in shops everywhere. Makes the decision easy to make.



  1. Not all DSLRs have high picture resolution, some have as low as that of a lower-priced digital camera depending on its cost.
  2. Battery life seems to be an issue in some of Nikon DSLR cameras. Consumers must be careful before proceeding to even some high-cost cameras because they don’t guarantee a better battery life.
  3. So much variety in cameras that beginners who want to buy a Nikon DSLR will find it difficult to choose.

All in all, it can be said, that Nikon DLSRs remain popular and a public favorite. It is hard to draw conclusions on such a wide range of products from the same brand, but it can be safely said that Nikon probably has a camera for every level of photography skill and for every person’s budget.



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