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WhatsApp Updated its new feature, which allows the call limit to 8 people

by Aditi Singh

There is a huge demand for video calling apps in the coronavirus lockdown, and tech platforms don’t want to miss this chance, they are coming up with new updates every now and then. Some apps have changes its design like Google meet has done the makeover while some are increasing the limit for group calls as Google does. Some has got new features like Skype, it has a new feature of background blur. Now Whatsapp has also announced this week that it will also increase its limit for the call to 8 people in a group and earlier 4 people were allowed to be on the group call. From April 28, iOS users can use this feature. And for Android users, it is expected that they will also get the updated feature by this week.


If you want to connect with 7 more people and use this person then you have to make sure that every single person has this updated version of WhatsApp. To place a call, you can either call on the group or you can choose manually and add that person on the call.

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Recently, Google Duo has increased its limit to 12 people in one group call. FaceTime which is for iOS users now allows 32 people in one call. Skype and Messenger Room, Facebook’s new service allows 50 people in a group call at a time, and Zoom has the limit for  100 which is highest till now.

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