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Why You Should Buy A Mobile Insurance? Know Here

by Nitin Sinha
Mobile Insurance

With the onset of new disruptive mobile phone technology becoming readily available in Indian markets, it has become important for consumers to think about buying mobile phone insurance for their costly gadgets. Let’s look at some advantages of buying mobile phone insurance in India:

• Theft Coverage
Many Indian insurance companies for mobile phone insurance now cover insurance if your phone was stolen and you can prove that it was. For a little monthly or annual billing of the insurance, you can now make sure that you can buy the same model of your phone again if someone ends up stealing your expensive iPhone.

• Screen Damage repairs
An interesting and much-used insurance claim on mobile phone insurance in India is the one where people can get their screen refurbished. If you were in an accident where your screen was damaged because of a liquid spill or a physical crack, your mobile phone insurance has you covered.

• Multiple User Insurance Covers Linked To The Mobile Phone
Another interesting coverage present in India makes sure you can claim insurance for any accidental repair or loss on the mobile phone no matter who is using it – the insurance is bound to the IMEI of the phone so regardless of who was responsible for the damage, you can still get your mobile phone insurance cost fully reimbursed.

• All Brands Insured
The most convenient advantage is that every phone is coverable by mobile phone insurance in India. No matter what your phone costs, what brand it is made of, how many years ago was the purchase.

• Second-Hand Phone Insurance Available
It is widely known that there is a big second-hand mobile phone buyers market existent in India and insurance companies have tapped into that to create new potential clients. If you are currently using a second-hand phone, you can still get it insured with any insurer on the market.

• Ease of Access
Lastly but not least, you can now buy mobile phone insurance in India anywhere you like – online or in the market. These insured phones are also covered if you’re traveling outside of India and your phone needs some emergency repair. Customer helplines are available 24×7 through calls, emails, and faxes.

Considering the advantages of these schemes, it can be safely said that now is the best time to invest in mobile phone insurance in India if you haven’t already done so. For a low monthly/annual cost, you can get the damages replaced with cash upfront anytime, anywhere.


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