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Heard of Zoom? Here is how you can use it to do office work virtually

by Aditi Singh

These days we are living in a strange condition. Almost every country is under lockdown, people are allowed to go outside because of the coronavirus outbreak. This COVID-19 outbreak has forced the small businesses to temporarily shut down, even all the big companies are temporarily working from home.

As a result, the employees are relying on video conferencing solutions for doing their basic meetings with their colleagues and business contacts. While this working from home has created lots of problems for the business and it has generally been bad for business, but this has created a good opportunity for Zoom, a video conferencing App.

This App has always been popular, but now its popularity has reached a height where everybody now using this App. It has become one of the most downloaded apps on the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store over the past few days. If you want to use this App, you can follow these steps:

Join a meeting without sign-up

To start this App, you need to download the Zoom app on your phone or desktop. Once you are done, launch the app and choose between Join a Meeting option or Sign In.

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Zoom: Create a new meeting

If you want to set-up a meeting, this app gives the feature to sign in or create a new account and then set-up a meeting for your business contacts. After signing up or logging in into the platform by following the steps on the screen, mover to the home screen and start the process of setting up a new meeting. After this, the users can set-up the meeting in different ways, including schedule a future meeting with the colleagues or creating a Zoom meeting and then share its address using a link or key to the meeting.

Zoom: Effectively using breakout rooms

One of the interesting things about this Zoom is that it provides a ton of features to its users. While some of them are very simple and interesting you’d have seen on another app too, Zoom provides one special which you will not see on another app. It provides the host or the co-host of the meeting the opportunity to create the breakout rooms which really help in creating multiple sessions within a single video conferencing. There can be 50 such sessions in one meeting and all being controlled by the host. He/ she can make the  Breakout zones by dividing the participants of the meeting into different sessions, it can be done either manually or automatically and can switch people between the session at any time without putting any effort.

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