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Facebook Will Soon Launch Its New App ‘Forecast’ For Events Like COVID-19

by Aditi Singh
Facebook App Forecast

Facebook will soon launch its new Forecast iOS app, where forecasts will be made about future events like Covid-19. The app is currently available only in beta version. On this app, community members will be able to post their questions about the future and forecast as well as discuss them. In this way, users will be able to make their information more robust. Facebook has requested the people in the health, research, and academia to join the platform and provide information about the prognosis and impact of events such as COVID-19.

According to the NPE team of Facebook’s Internal Research and Development Group, this iOS app will initially be available to people in the US and Canada, where people will be able to communicate forecasts and future issues. Predictions and interactions of this platform will be publicly available, which can be shared on other platforms.

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How Facebook Forecast App Will Work

In fact, on Facebook’s Forecast app, users will post questions about future questions, which will be answered by experts. Also, the experts will explain in detail the entire reasoning and logic behind their question. After this, users will vote on these answers, the question which people will like the most, it will become the final prediction.

According to Facebook, a lot of predictions are being made at present, which is probably enough to raise doubts. But as a community, it is important for people to know about the correct forecast. Also, talking on such issues on behalf of the people gives better information. This app will help in better handling of future situations and crisis.

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