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“WHAT’S ON MY SCREEN” Feature Makes A Comeback On The Google Assistant”

by Abhimanyu Sharma
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Yes, now the super handy super useful feature “what’s on my screen’ has made its come back on the google assistant. This awesome feature of the google assistant enables the user to quickly do things like look up things like tracking numbers or dial a phone number without having to copy and paste anything.

Earlier this feature was provided on the previous version of google assistant “Google Now” and  “what’s on my screen” was known as “Now on Tap”. This feature, however, was not available from may last year.

This feature of Google has made the life of its users very easy.  Many activities like getting the information of anything on the screen, as well as copy things like phone numbers, addresses, and tracking numbers, are made very simple and fast. This feature also lets you copy the pieces of information that are embedded in an image which might not have been possible using most of the other websites.

Using  “what’s on my screen’ of google assistant saves your time and trouble which you might waste in taking screenshots then opening them using the google photos and the again using google lens to view the details and copying the details from it. Using this feature this all cumbersome tasks are made very handy and simple. So after almost a years holiday this feature of the google assistant and it is more updated and handy from its previous version.

So no just forget all those tiresome methods you might be used in the absence of this features and just climb back to “what’s on my screen” and make your life easy. To use this feature all you need to do is to enable the google assistant feature on your phone and you are ready to use this awesome feature.

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