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Whatsapp Storage Management Tool: Find Out How It Works

by Aditi Singh
whatsapp storage management tool

WhatsApp amazed us every time with its new features like first it came with a vacation mode feature, money transfer, and now this management storage feature.

Whatsapp is rolling out a redesigned storage management tool to remove junk messages. Earlier this year, the tool was spotted online. The new storage management tool gives WhatsApp users the ability to manage storage on their phones. Through this, users can easily identify storage content and delete it in bulk. The tool also makes it easy to find and delete unnecessary files that were forwarded or shared multiple times using the instant messaging app.

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How to use WhatsApp storage management tool

Once the tool rolls out on your phone, you can access the redesigned storage management tool by going to Whatsapp  ‘Storage’> ‘Storage & Data’> ‘Manage Storage’.

Earlier, WhatsApp used to list only chats under the ‘Storage Usage’ section, through which users could create some space on their phones. However, after the new changes, the experience has become better than before and now users can manage their phone storage in an easy way.

Now through a new interface as a dedicated bar, this tool will show you how much storage is being taken by WhatsApp media content along with other apps. There is also a dedicated option for viewing media files, which are forwarded multiple times through the app. It helps to find and delete unnecessary forwarded files easily.

The redesigned storage management tool lists those files that are larger than 5MB. In addition, you will have the facility to sort files by size and preview them before deleting. The redesigned tool maintains the existing chat list, from where you can see threads that are taking up more storage.

This new management storage tool is going to do a lot for you by saving the storage of your phone and creating a lot more space. So now, storage won’t be a problem in your entertainment.

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