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Here Are Given Top 10 Mobile Phone Games Ever

by Nitin Sinha
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Top 10 Mobile Phone Games Ever

There are so many mobile phone games out there that you can choose from, but some phone games are more interesting and popular than others. We’ve compiled a list of top 10 mobile phone games ever that you will love to experience. Here it goes:

1. Dragon Ball Legends: The childhood fan inside of you will come out once you play these games. It has the same characters as your favorite dragon ball show characters and similar styles of fighting like what you saw on the show. Tons of levels to choose from and different physical settings. Truly one of the top 10 mobile phone games ever.

2. Pacman: One of the early mobile phone games, Pacman still remains a top favorite amongst the video game generation even today. Gobble up the points and progress from one level to another. Some features have been upgraded in the new age game, but the feel remains the same.

3. Sonic the hedgehog: Another one of the early mobile phone games, Sonic remains a classic to play as well. The same characters as the cartoon and similar kind of settings with some new-age twist, sonic is a fun game that’ll keep you hooked for hours.

4. Linn: Path of orchads: Another one of our top 10 mobile phone games ever is Linn. It is almost like an escape room game, only that it is so much more. More levels, interesting tasks and plenty of fun physical settings for you to discover.

5. Alto: Ever considered a game where you can enjoy a soothing background and music all together in one with fun gaming? Alto is your go-to option. The sceneries and seasons change in the background and there is music you can listen to while playing the game. Alto is a skater and he will take you to fun experiences!

6. Rebel Inc: Rebel inc is another interesting game. It gives the users an experience of what it feels like playing a video game on a stick. You’re a part of a strategy game where you stop rebels from taking over your country and going into an insurgency. Juggling between the army and the general public, you have to somehow stop the rebels from taking over the command of your area.

7. Grand theft auto: The name is enough for this one game since everyone seems to be addicted to it. There is both action and adventure and it comes with very interesting background physical settings. Your characters can interact in the game too.

8. Need for speed: One of the early mobile phone games, N4S takes you to pure car racing experience just on the taps on your mobile phone.

9. WWE: This game keeps your energy levels up as you experience the virtual WWE experience on your phone. If you are a fan of WWE this game offers some interesting characters and settings.

10. Fifa 16: You can pretty much create your own team with a mix of players you like and can choose from. The graphics and physical settings will make you believe you are in a stadium and the control will let you do multiple tricks easy.



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