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How to save on your purchase at Aliexpress?

by Meghashree Das

When it comes to shopping on the internet, we can think of cheaper ways to achieve it. While you are shopping with the help of your smartphone or laptop, you as the customer will always focus on saving more and spending less. With so many good deals available from all around, it becomes harder for the average customer to understand where they should save to earn better.

Saving is an intricate part of shopping and should always be kept in mind while adding things to the cart. AliExpress, one of the biggest bulk-online suppliers, is the best platform for customers to shop and earn more. 

But at the same time, if thrifty customers are looking forward to better ways to save on their expenses, this article might do them justice. 

6 Ways To Save Money on AliExpress

  1. Shopping with the help of an assistant 

There is a site that offers a ton of offers and, of course, cashback whenever a purchase is made. Giving Assistant is a boon for all online shoppers and especially those who like to keep track of their expenditure. 

Giving Assistant is the best portal to have anything you ask for. Whatever you want, starting from household items to cheap clothing, everything is available as a cashback service on Giving Assistance. One of the best features of this service is that they offer a load of discounts on super deals made under AliExpress. Since AliExpress is an independent site, you will have to make the purchase and then avail yourself of the cashback service then and there. 

These super deals are ultimately valued at meager prices, which makes them worth the buy. When you shop with the help of Giving Assistance, you will earn a ton of cashback on purchases of AliExpress over 2700 Rs. There are services present for other online stores too. 

Plus, there is a catch. This amazing website helps you to donate some part of your cashback to your favorite non-profit organizations. 

  1. Customers can use the mobile app to save more 

There is good news on the block, and it is for all AliExpress members. AliExpress is an incredibly smart app that helps all the customers to shop for exclusive deals on sale. If you are using the website version, you no longer have to worry. There is a version for all smartphone users, both Android and IOS. There are some amazingly cheap mobile-friendly deals which are of lower prices than the website and across all the categories you shop. 

Plus, if you are using the mobile version of the app, then you will get coupons every day, which are worth 50% on deals. These are the exclusive AliExpress offers. 

Hold your breath, there is more! Once you download the AliExpress app on your phone, you will be instantly rewarded with cashback offers on your account. It depends on the type of cashback service you are opting for and the purchase amount too. If you have made a purchase of Rs. 14, then you will be entitled to a cashback of Rs. 4. 

There are a lot of other services which you can explore randomly as you want while you navigate the app. 

  1. Shop the AliExpress Flash Deals

Hooray, there is another way of enticing yourself for saving while making your purchase from AliExpress. One of the most distinguished features of AliExpress is that there are flash deals that happen mostly on weekends. 

Or, during the weekdays, there is a regular flash deal section that customers can log into and use. These flash deals are worth the check, and it offers all the pricey items at offers that you cannot escape. There are certain items that are available at an extremely discounted rate for exactly six hours. This means that customers have to find their hands on these deals as soon as they can so that they are not gone. 

These deals are available on every single item, such as electronics, clothing, sporting equipment, and much more. If you are not able to find the deals on flash sale which are there on AliExpress, the chances are that you will get the similar product for a lower price on other sections of the app. 

  1. Shop Out of Season

It is always better that you shop out of season to get deals that are out of the world. Just like any other business, AliExpress makes sure that they are providing clothes off-season at an extremely discounted price. So if it is blazing hot during June and you know that winter is coming, it is time for you to stack onto the sweaters that you want.

There are great deals on all the electronic items at AliExpress, such as older phone accessories and even cable or adapter. It is always important to stack up on the stock because you don’t have to be subjected later to the heavy price. 

  1. Buy in Bulk

It is good that you experiment with your cart a little bit before you check out. If you really want to save on your purchases, then you can buy your items in bulk, and then there is a huge discount which you will get at the checkout counter. Playing with the quantity is one such way through which you can get the best of offers right in AliExpress. 


These are some of the most proven ways through which you can save the best at AliExpress. Since this is an amazing website where you can shop, earn your cashback, and be directed to heavy discounts, you don’t have to worry. 

Also, if you are willing to save more than you can put your cashback offers from websites that are available on the internet. Through these, you save on your purchases and, of course, get the desired amount of items that you want right at the desired prices without spending much. 

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