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​Laptops’ best friends! These 8 laptop accessories will make your work super smooth

by Shatakshi Gupta

Our lives cannot be the same without laptops. They have become essential productivity aids when combined with online learning and hybrid work cultures. Additionally, laptops are increasingly a key component of our entertainment. Especially in the corporate sector, it is the primary component of work. Whatever you use your laptop for, there are a few accessories that can significantly increase both your experience and the functionality of your laptop over extended periods. Here are 8 laptop accessories in which you must invest.

Anti-glare screen covers:

Blue light from laptops can be damaging to the eyes. You can cover your screen with an anti-glare filter to dial down the same. This will not only lessen screen reflections but also make it easier to read material clearly outside. A privacy screen filter is also an option, which will stop people from peering at your screen from the sides.

USB Type-C hub:

Most contemporary laptops, especially those that are light and thin like the MacBook Air and HP Spectre X360, typically have two USB Type-C ports. There is therefore no opportunity to connect other USB devices, an Ethernet cable, or an HDMI device. A Multi-port USB Type-C hub, however, can fix this issue. There are many different sizes, shapes, and port options available for them.

USB light:

LED lamps that are powered by USB are another amazing portable item. They are reasonably priced, available in a variety of sizes and shapes, provide decent reading illumination, and can also serve as a keyboard’s “backlit.”

Camera shutter:

The camera shutter aids in preventing unintentional image capture. Without your knowledge, spyware and malware may attempt to use your camera. These are a must-buy product amid increasing privacy concerns.

A laptop power bank:

Even though new laptops come with powerful and efficient batteries, there is always a chance that you could run out of power when you need to work at certain times. You can get a laptop power bank for situations like this. Make sure it has a battery capacity of at least 10,000 mAh and that the charging pin is compatible with your laptop.

A Multi-angled stand:

Laptops are lightweight and portable products. Additionally, it enables you to work remotely wherever you choose. However, they can cause back discomfort and other health problems and are bad for posture. As they lift the laptop and provide a work position similar to a desk, laptop stands can help you maintain good posture while you’re working.

Cooling pad:

During extended gaming sessions, cooling pads are typically used to keep the laptop cool. In general, it aids in long-term performance maintenance.

Keyboard cover:

The keyboard cover is an all-encompassing coating that resembles jelly. They guard against moisture getting inside the laptop and damaging it, as well as protecting the keys from deterioration.

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