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Provide You Some Best Four Mobile Phone Ringtone Apps

by Nitin Sinha
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Do you remember being in your teenage years and being frustrated about not being able to change your ringtone to your favorite new song because it wasn’t feasible yet on your phone? Well, now the times have changed. Although it has become much harder to find the time from busy lives to play around with ringtones, it has become easier to find the apps that let you do just that and more. We bring you a list of best mobile phone ringtone apps that are a must-have:

1. MP3 cutter: An app that is totally free with all of its features! It is a big win. You can record audio and save that clip as your ringtone or download songs on your phone and use them as your ringtone. Play around as much as you like. A downside is some ads that pop up here and there, but they are still much lesser in numbers than others. Have fun!
2. Pi music player: Another great app but that it has two sides of the coin. This app is actually a music player app that offers you a selection of a wide variety of genres. At the same time, there is an inbuilt feature of music cutter where you can load your fav song, edit it and make it your ringtone if you like! The app is free.
3. Ringtone Maker: This is perhaps a more popular app than others and it is an app that specifically only deals with ringtones which is why most users prefer it over others. The app is completely free and is easily accessible.
4. Zedge: Another great free ringtone app. We love the user interface on this one – clean and well done. This app has a feature that allows a user to search for their fav ringtones. You’ll never be bored as this app sports outstanding background colors and images and you can simply play around and customize most features too.

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