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9 Popular Websites In 2020

by Sweeta Gupta

Searching for a rundown of the most popular sites in 2020?

9 popular websites in 2020

I have a continuous assortment of helpful sites that are worked with devices like Squarespace, Weebly, Wix and WordPress. These are my favourite websites from that assortment.

We at that point utilized Site Explorer and Keywords Explorer- competitive analysis and keyword research devices—to dive further into why a portion of those websites are well known and where their traffic comes from.

We pulled the best 9 popular websites in 2020 by utilizing natural traffic in the Worldwide:

1] 100% Pure

100 Pure

Made With: Shopify 

You can sort out this beauty organization as it says it all in the name. Overly cool skincare items that discover their shading from common organic products, and are imbued with different powers to be reckoned with like green tea.

They are delivering the most perfect, most advantageous items and teaching everybody on for what reason being 100% PURE™ is so significant. They endeavour to live with sympathy, consideration and compassion; to be ecologically maintainable and to improve the lives of 6 billion individuals and creatures while additionally being magnanimous and rewarding our worldwide network.

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2] Vorstadt Sounds FestivalMade


With: Squarespace 

In Zurich Switzerland, you’ll locate this little and cosy celebration that incorporates serene groups and tasty bites. It is put on altogether by volunteers and is a non-profit association that utilizes any profit it makes to help put on the following celebration.

3] Moon Choi


Made With: Shopify 

Moon Choi is based out of New York City, and the designs of this line fit well inside the city. They are complex and join menswear into women’s fashion for a refined look.

Choi lays it out plainly: “With regards to gender, nowadays, women’s and men’s don’t make a difference,” she says. “You should take care of business, still need to wear a skirt. I simply design it, and afterwards put it out there to allow the clients to choose.” Now, with the launch of her online business stage today and a full-scale introduction to follow one year from now, more individuals than any time in recent memory will be allowed to do.

4] Sasaki


Made With: Wordpress

Sasaki has been in progress for more than 65 years and just keeps on developing. Their design style mixes a wide range of viewpoints to make a forward-moving plan idea with manageability at the top.

Their statement is “Together, we’re characterizing the fate of spot through Architecture, Interior Design, Planning and Urban Design, Space Planning, Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Interdisciplinary Expertise.”

5] Tasty Shop


Made With: Shopify

Tasty Shop has some pretty cool and various plans that look tasty! Besides that, you can buy their items like cookware; prepare product and utensils in energetic shading decisions.

Their mission is to level the media playing ground and intensify the voices of different demographics – precisely mirroring the world we live in without inclination or bias. They lift the narratives of under-served demographics by managing the promoting messages and advertising foundation of their speciality customers – guiding branding, positioning, marketing materials and organizations to arrive at their objective.

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6] A fork and a pencil


 Made With: Squarespace 

An inside and out dazzling and clean-cut website for the entirety of your recipe desires. Discover assortments dependent on meals, notwithstanding snack beverages and the sky, is the limit from there. You can buy into a month to month bulletin also to have recipes conveyed to your inbox.

7] Avery Cox Design


Made With: Squarespace 

Avery Cox is situated in Texas, where she adds a one of a kind style that is vivid and strong to the spaces she plans. She picked up experience working in New York, with some huge name originators that permitted her to take what she realized and apply that to her own business.

8] Try Alpha


Made With: Squarespace 

Try Alpha is an association comprised of gatherings around the globe and recordings for those intrigued by Christ. No particular foundation is fundamental and it’s available to suppositions and inquiries from individuals of all foundations that have a premium in becoming familiar with Christ.

Alpha is a progression of meetings investigating the fundamentals of the Christian faith and it runs all around the world.

They accept that everybody ought to get the opportunity to explore the Christian faith, pose inquiries and offer their perspective. Any place they are on the planet.

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9] Adrieana Blazin

Adrieana Blazin

Made With: Squarespace 

Adrieana is a photographer brought up in New Jersey. She has some sharp and amazing pictures of creatures, individuals and that’s just the beginning. There are a ton of dark and whites for an exemplary yet noisy vibe. She likewise used to be an opera singer and taken in a great deal about what it intended to prevail from her years in that field.


Preferably, no website should actually be totally static and not change, however when choosing what sort of websites to make, it is essential to be practical about what is feasible with your assets.

Whatever kind of site you decide to make, it’s critical to thoroughly consider what you need from it and ensure you design it dependent on the specific objectives you have at the top of the priority list.

Do share your thoughts or suggestions in the comment section.

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