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This Feature Of Google Will Make Your English Vocabulary So Strong Without Much Effort

by Shatakshi Gupta

Google has recently launched Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones under the Pixel 6 series. In the same event, the company has also released necessary updates for Gmail and Google Docs platform. Google has told about a new feature, which can help users learn English from Google Search. This feature will not only help new learners but also improve the vocabulary of existing fluent speakers. Through this users can learn new words and improve their command over the language.

How does this work?

The new feature of Google Search will allow users to learn new words in English daily as a notification. For this users need to subscribe for it. When users subscribe once, they will get notification of new words every day.  Notably, learning a new word every day sounds easy perhaps but in a long time, we forget such words. So to overcome this problem, Google will also tell the best facts related to that word. By which users will be able to learn any word better and remember it easily.

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 How to start this feature?

Subscription to Google Search can be taken very easily.

You will have to search for the definition of any English word in Google search then click on the bell icon in the top right. After pressing this icon, you will receive an English word daily. As of now this feature is available only in English. The words on this are equally designed for English learning and fluent English speaking users. Google will start this feature in different languages as well.

Moreover, if you further want to improve your vocabulary, you can practice in word coach of Google that appears when you search meaning of any English word.

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