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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Phone Apps

by Nitin Sinha
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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Phone Apps

There is no doubt in the fact that smartphones and mobile applications have made our lives so much easier and have enabled a lot of things which only dreamed a few decades back. But every coin has two sides. Let us take a look at mobile phone apps advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Mobile

They have facilitated many features such as connecting with people throughout the world, locating and tracking the people you love and many more.

The entertainment industry has gone to a whole another level after the introduction of the YouTube app and it has given career opportunities for many people across the world. Photography has been taken to another level too with the help of mobile apps.

The number of mobile apps download has increased drastically in the past five years and it definitely has contributed to so many positive things. E-commerce has grown mainly because of mobile apps and we can literally get anything we want at our doorstep with the aid of these apps thus making connectivity and access to a whole another level indeed.

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Disadvantages of Mobile

Talking about mobile phone apps advantages and disadvantages, there are so many apps available on the market that can be very malicious and harmful to your data and devices. The more your device is exposed to such mobile applications the more are the threats that are posed to your personal data.

One has to be very careful while enabling access of data for mobile applications. If something fishy is found the respective application has to be removed immediately in order to secure your data.

Having access to so many entertainment apps at the same time can take a toll on your time management and you need to make sure that you use such apps within healthy limits.

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