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Amazon Launches ‘School From Home’ For India

by Aditi Singh
Amazon School from home

Due to Coronavirus, most people are doing work from home to manage social distancing. Even children are being taught through online platforms. In such a situation, children spend a lot of time on mobiles, laptops, etc. And for things related to school projects, students need to go out to get those things. The e-commerce website Amazon has brought a solution to this problem of children. Amazon has launched the ‘School from Home’ store, Where all the necessary things related to kid’s school and education will be available.

Amazon New School From Home

The company said that the ‘School from Home’ store helps parents, teachers, and students to create better learning zones at home. The store will have products such as stationery, laptops, tablets, PCs, headsets, and speakers printers and home furnishing together with items for study and writing.

Amazon School from home

According to the information given by Amazon, recent search trends on Amazon show that there has been a big jump in the search for work and school from home products. Searches for headphones and earphones have increased 1.7 times. At the same time, the search for laptops and tablets increased more than 2 times. The search for stationary has increased nearly 1.2 times. The search for the study table has also increased by 2.5 times.

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The ‘School from Home’ store has been designed based on the above trends to make the shopping experience of parents. Here you will get all the necessary things related to the education of children together, as well as attractive offers and deals that can be availed on them. In addition to stationery, home furnishings such as cabinets, bookshelf, and study lamps will also be available. Apart from this, children will be able to buy sports-related goods from here.

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