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Understand the convergence of VR and AI enhancement in today’s world

by Meghashree Das

Technology is the new wave of the future and considering all the advancement which are taking place in a rapid pace, we are safe to say that the future is right before us. Technology have painted daily scenarios of our lives and touched it on a constant basis. With the use of technology, we can now meet our friends and stay in touch with our family who are located overseas. Thus, by stating the obvious, we do understand how technology have become a pivotal point in everyone’s day to day adversary. 

The next phase of technology is right here

We are already seeing a new phase in the technological advancement and that phase is called convergence. Just think back in the 2000s when all of us needed to have multiple cell phones plus a pager so stay connected. But the technology now have made it easier for us to create a streamline of connection that can be done with few taps away. Thanks to the convergence, we no longer have to carry more than two devices right away. There’s no doubt that the benefit of merging two advancing technology in the current field can yield to a roundabout positive result. 

When we think what the combined technologies can bring us to our feet, there are two parts which stands out; Virtual reality and artificial intelligence. The blending of VR and AI in today’s time comes with a lot of ifs and buts, although the end result is astonishing. VR usages are done to create an alternate simulated environment around us while AI aims to outfit the technological devices with their proper insight and common perception towards a responsive being. Recently, there have been major changes done in the field of AI and VR to create a single form of convergence that helps us to explore the seamless options that are possibly endless. 

What does the future stands between them?

Joining of VR and AI is a smart move as the future which they brings can benefit each and every one of us. There are some pretty incredible opportunities which are yet to be explored. It is even exciting to think about the type of convergence that these alternate realities will communicate and translate between each other. VR and AI are poised to change our everyday experience as we are gradually shifting towards the future. 

Final thoughts

Both VR and AI are incredible technologies that can present endless credits however, bringing them to unison can create trouble in handling exposure and a widened interactive platform. As that we know, most people are not used to changes in their experience. Thus providing the solutions for both AI and VR at the same time can be a probable change that might not be accepted over time. Undoubtedly these two technological meets are yet to show us the undiscovered, we are bound to take one step at a time to know the possible final result. 


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It is very bad app

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Good product

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Nice game

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