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Reliance Jio Has Become First Telecom Company To Cross 40 Crore Subscribers

by Aditi Singh
reliance jio has become first company to cross 40 crore

Reliance Jio has created a special and strong place in the hearts of users. This is the reason that the number of users of the company is constantly increasing. It has set a new record, leaving behind other telecom companies.

Reliance Jio has become the first such telecom company in the country whose number of users has crossed 400 million. This in itself is a major achievement for a telecom company.

The company’s active users have decreased by more than 8.5 crores. In July, the company added 3.5 million new users to its network. In July, the telecom industry also gained 3.5 million users. Not only this, the telecom subscriber base in the country increased to 116.4 million in July(According to the TRAI report.

Why People Often Go for Jio Network?

Total number of users

The total number of subscribers of Reliance Jio in July was 40.8 crore. In terms of Airtel’s subscribers, it added 32.6 lakh subscribers in July. After this, the total number of users of Airtel was 31.99 crores while BSNL added 3.88 lakh, new users, in the month of July.

Not only this, India has proved that it is adopting a digital lifestyle faster than any other country. Our country has moved from 150th position to now number 1 in using mobile data usage globally.

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