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Giving You 4 New Jio Mobile Phone Apps

by Nitin Sinha
Jio Mobile Phone Apps

Jio phones are known for their affordability and basic functions. These phones offer just the basic level of functionalities and are very compact and are best suited for senior age people because of their friendly and simple interface. Despite the basic built, Jio phones also have some nice apps which you can use. Jio mobile phone apps download can make your Jio phone interesting. Let us take a look at those apps.



This app is mainly for entertainment purposes and is fully functional on a jio phone 2 with 4G platform. Jio mobile phone apps download is happening in millions as it is helping users to watch various videos, shows, etc on the app. And the interface of the app is extremely simple and will be easy for anyone to use.


OLA is undoubtedly a very important app available on android and iOS platforms and is one of the new Jio mobile phone apps since it has been released on the jio platform recently. The app has been specifically modified to fit the arrays of Jio platform making it really useful for the Jio phone users. Especially with the introduction of 4G interface this app has gotten better on Jio platform.


As the name suggests, this app is used for file sharing in a secure environment between Jio phones and other phones. This app has gained popularity because of the ease of usage. This app is analogous to the Shareit app available on android and iOS platforms.


We all know Saavn as the famous music app available on android and iOS platforms. The Jio version of this app is also fully functional and lets you access all sorts of music across the globe and enjoy them at your comfort.



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