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What are Joint Logistics Hubs/Nodes??

by Shoubhik Sen

If you have been following the news from the last few days, you will know about JOINT LOGISTICS HUBS or JOINT LOGISTICS NODES (JLNs). The latest news too talks about Chief of Defense Staff Gen. Bipin Rawat operatonalising a JLN in Mumbai.

However, many may not be aware of what these actually cater too. Thus today, we shall look into the features of these hubs/nodes.

Why the Joint Logistics Hubs/Nodes?

As we all know, India has 3 military services; the Air Force, the Navy and the Army. Until recently, all these services had separate facilities and camps. Everything from Logistics to Maintenance was looked after separately in different work stations.

Thus, the government came up with the concept of Joint Logistics Hubs/Nodes. This decision would solve the long standing issue of lack of coordination and lack of synergy among the tri-services of the nation.

Additionally, such a decision will also reduce the costs borne by the authorities as there would be common work stations instead of separate ones as earlier. This means that the cost of logistics would also reduce. Additionally, this also creates the opportunity to utilise the existing logistics more efficiently.

Purpose that Joint Logistics Hubs/Nodes will serve

Unlike what many news outlets would lead you to believe, Joint Logistics Hubs/Nodes are NOT a waste of the taxpayers’ money. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. These actually are a financially saving a viable venture. Not only will it help in saving manpower, but will also ensure financial savings.

  1. With more hands operating finite resources, the efficiency of usage would also improve. This means that there would be economic utilisation of resources and thus, less wastage of time, money and labour.
  2. It will increase understanding between the 3 services along with logistics integration.
  3. Everything from small needs to maintenance to communications, among others will now be coordinated via these Hubs/Nodes.
Joint Logistics HubsNodes

Other purposes these will serve include: –

  • Fuel
  • Ration
  • Small arms and Ammunition
  • Aviation Clothing
  • Civil Hired Transport
  • General Stores
  • Spares
  • Engineering Support

Thus, it’s evident that we need Joint Logistics Hubs/Nodes to ensure thorough integration and synergy of efforts of India’s tri-services.

Latest Developments

Since the last year, Government of India has planned a number of JLNs across the nation. These are mainly planned in areas where 2 or more services operate.

  • Orders for the 1st few Joint Logistics Hubs/Nodes were signed in the beginning of 2020. These were to be located in Mumbai, Port Blair and Guwahati.
  • Out of these, 2 of them were operationalised in January this year. These were the Guwahati JLN and the Tri-Services Command in Andaman & Nicobar, Port Blair.
  • As mentioned before, the Mumbai JLN also came into operation recently, when C.D.S Bipin Rawat operationised it.
  • The JLNs function on a Lead Service Concept. This means that all procurement and provisioning actions relating to the Hubs/Nodes will be the responsibility of the Lead Service. However, this is only applicable to those actions that are commonly shared between the 3 services.
  • The 3 JLNs that are currently operational have 3 different Lead Services, one for each. In Mumbai, the lead service is the Navy, while in Guwahati, it’s the Army. On the other hand, the Andaman and Nicobar Command (ANC) is the lead service in Port Blair.
Tri Service Commands

Final Words

Currently, we have 3 Joint Logistics Hubes/Nodes all over India. These are in Mumbai, Guwahati and Port Blair. This is a very good way to boost tri-service cooperation.

This will create a synergy among our 3 services and in time, boost India’s defense capability. With the Army, Navy and Air Force being in constant contact with each other, India’s defence awareness will improve as well. Indian forces will have their eyes and ears in all domains at all times. This will therefore improve our maritime awareness as well.

In time, these JLNs will boost India’s defense capabilities from all sectors.

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